Woman who sparked outcry by beheading an owl is shot dead in Colombia

Woman who sparked outcry by decapitating an owl on social media video is shot dead in drive-by shooting in Colombia

  • Mileydis Aldana, 21, was assassinated by a motorcycle rider at her home Sunday
  • Comes six months after she became notorious as the ‘Owl Killer’ in Latin America
  • She uploaded images of her beheading a barn owl and posing with the dead bird

A woman who sparked outcry by decapitating an owl in a social media video has been shot dead in a drive-by shooing in Colombia.

Mileydis Aldana, 21, was assassinated by a motorcycle rider outside her home in the town of Corozal in Sucre state on Sunday afternoon. 

It comes six months after Aldana was dubbed the ‘Owl Killer’ for beheading a live barn owl in a sick video she posted online.

The woman then posed with the dead bird, brandishing its head in one hand and holding its headless carcass in the other. 

Mileydis Aldana, 21, posing with the owl after she cut its head off (left) and brandishing a knife while holding a bottle of booze 

Aldana holding the owl’s body and its head (left and right)

On Sunday, two men on a motorbike appeared outside her home in the Luis Carlos Galán neighbourhood at around 5pm.

One of the men fired six shots at her before they sped off.

Aldana was rushed to A&E by her relatives but she was dead by the time she arrived at the hospital.

In June, she went viral across Latin America for her disturbing video and pictures showing her killing the white barn owl.

She had been questioned by police over killing the owl after Colombia’s environmental agency was made aware by concerned citizens. 

The local prosecutor said Aldana was being probed for animal abuse. 

In recent weeks several threats had been made against her on social media.

However, authorities have not yet commented on a motive for her death.  

Following the news of her death, animal lovers were quick to make their views known on social media.

Andres Rojas Arenas described the event of her passing as ‘news that brightens the soul’.

Meanwhile, Ramirz Juli said: ‘The owl came for her.’

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