Victoria records three new coronavirus cases in hotel quarantine

Victoria has recorded three new cases of COVID-19 within hotel quarantine; one from interstate and two from overseas.

The wider community remains free of the virus for the 53rd day in a row.

The results come from more than 15,000 tests in Victoria on Monday. There are now 11 active cases in the state, all in quarantine.

The Victorian results come as Sydney waits to see whether the number of new cases in a growing coronavirus cluster stemming from the northern beaches has increased or decreased since yesterday.

The Avalon cluster, which has caused Victoria to reinstate border controls with NSW, grew by15 cases on Monday to a total of 83.

Victorians in Sydney and the Central Coast had until midnight last night to cross the Victorian border to return home without needing to undergo 14-days of hotel quarantine.

Those who made it home last night must get tested within 24 hours of returning to Victoria and self-quarantine at home for 14 days from when they last left the "red zone", according to the Health Department.

Non-Victorian residents who have been in the Greater Sydney or Central Coast region from December 11, are not permitted to enter Victoria at all. If they breach this order, they will be required to enter into Victoria's hotel quarantine program for 14 days.

From today, no one from the 'hot zones' – Victorian resident or otherwise – is allowed to enter Victoria at all without undergoing hotel quarantine for two weeks.

The three new cases in quarantine come after Premier Daniel Andrews on Monday said he intended to adopt all recommendations from the scathing final report into the state's hotel quarantine program.

The report released yesterday identified flaws with almost every aspect of his government’s setup and oversight of the original scheme.

The inquiry into the program had heard that COVID-19 leaks from two Melbourne quarantine hotels were responsible for at least 99 per cent of Victoria's second wave of coronavirus cases, which saw the city shut down for months.

There have been more than 20,000 cases of COVID-19 in Victoria since January, and 820 people have died.

The state government's revamped program, which incorporates recommendations from an interim report, has been operating in Melbourne since December 7.

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