Trump hails ‘largest monthly jobs gain in US history’ and says ‘economy is roaring back’ – The Sun

PRESIDENT Donald Trump says the United States economy is "roaring back and its coming back strong."

In an economic press conference on Thursday morning, Trump told reporters there were 5million jobs in June, shattering expectations.

Trump said 7.5million jobs were created in the last two months.

Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin followed up that it was about 8million people they were able to put back to work in May and June thanks to the Cares Act.

Additionally, 80% of small business are now open with new business applications having doubled since late March.

The president called this number unthinkable this early in a pandemic.

"These are historic numbers in a time that a lot of people would have wilted, they would have wilted," Trump ended the conference with. "But we didn't wilt and our country didn't wilt. I'm very honored to be your president."

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