Tiger Woods had empty pill bottle and was 'combative' after crash

Tiger Woods had empty, unlabeled pill bottle in car and was ‘combative’ when cops tried to pull him from horror crash – but was NOT under influence of drugs or booze and was just suffering shock, police report says

  • Woods crashed his borrowed Genesis SUV; he was on his way to filming for Golf TV 
  • He survived but shattered his right leg – police do not think he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol 
  • They did not do any field sobriety tests or blood tests because they didn’t think there was probable cause 
  • In a newly released police report, officers described finding an empty pill bottle in a backpack that was in the car
  • It was unlabeled and there’s no indication from the report if Tiger gave any explanation for it 
  • He was ‘combative’ when police first tried to pull him from the wreckage, but officers say that is a normal side effect of shock  

Tiger Woods was ‘combative’ when police found him after the crash in February that shattered his right leg but they ruled it a normal side effect of shock

Tiger Woods had an empty, unlabeled bottle of pills in his car and was combative when police tried to save him from the wreckage of his horror crash in February but was not under the influence or drugs or alcohol, according to a newly released incident report. 

Woods shattered his right leg when he crashed his borrowed Genesis SUV into a grassy verge in L.A. last month while on his way to do a day’s filming for Golf TV. 

According to a newly released incident report, he was ‘combative’ when the first people on the scene tried to free him from the wreckage. 

He was also disoriented and thought he was in Florida, where he lives, rather than California. Police said that while his speech was not slurred, his pupils were ‘sluggish’. 

They did not perform any type of field sobriety test, nor did they order blood samples because they said there was no probable cause to believe he was inebriated. 

Instead, they said it seemed the golfer was suffering from the normal side effects of shock. 

Tiger has not been charged over the incident. No one else was hurt.  

One of the pages of the 22-page police report describes how police found an empty pill bottle in a backpack in his car 

Woods’ SUV was wrecked in the collision. The judge said the lack of skid marks on the road and the fact his was the only vehicle involved are suggestive of reckless driving 

Police say Woods was travelling at high speed when he hit a raised central reservation, smashed through a wooden road sign, splintered a tree and then rolled his SUV off the wrong side of the road where it came to rest at the bottom of an embankment

In the 22-page report, officers described arriving to the scene to find the golfer’s vehicle overturned. 

One of the EMTs who treated him was interviewed by the cop who was tasked with determining if he had been drinking or not.

‘Captain LeVesque told me he was somewhat combative when they were trying to treat him on scene. His blood pressure was low when the measurement was first taken on scene.

‘He described low as being under 100 systolic and that was too low to administer any type of pain management medications.

‘Captain LeVesque said the low blood pressure was consistent with shock as a result of collision and the injuries P-1 sustained,’ the second cop wrote. 

There were no skid marks on the road where Tiger crashed which suggests he did not brake

Tiger’s pupils were, at first, ‘equal size’ and ‘reactive to light’ but were described later as ‘sluggish’.

His pulse was elevated at 130 beats per minute, the average is 60-90.

Woods was given morphine to treat the pain of his leg injuries while on the way to the hospital. 

He then went into a long surgery to repair the damage to his leg and ankle. 

In previous reports, the officers have all described him as being lucid. They said that is why they never ordered any type of drug or alcohol test.

Woods has a history of painkiller addiction. In 2017, he was arrested in Jupiter, Florida, where he lives, after getting behind the wheel while severely under the influence. 

Since then, he has undergone multiple back surgeries.  

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