Supermarket shoppers fight over loo roll and panic buy booze in UK coronavirus lockdown chaos

THIS is the shocking moment shoppers brawl over toilet paper and panic buy booze amid coronavirus chaos.

Dozens of customers were captured fighting with each other for loo roll in a Home Bargains store in Nottingham.

Desperate staff could be seen screaming at the yobs as they crushed other shoppers to get their hands on new stock.

One young woman frantically clung on to packets of toilet paper as stampeding thugs wrestled the product from under her.

Other stunned workers were heard calling for calm after the brawl erupted at the budget store yesterday.

Social media users have compared the panic buyers to "animals" after the footage was shared online.

One user wrote: “They look like animals!”

While another said: “I hope they are all giving each other coronavirus. Getting in each other’s personal space for a bit of bog roll”.

Brits have been clearing supermarkets across the UK amid fears coronavirus could put the country on lockdown.

In Kent and Bristol, shoppers snapped up beer, vodka and wine after Boris Johnson warned people to avoid the pub.

Booze-free shelves were spotted in supermarkets as Brits terrified of spending weeks at home to self-isolate grabbed what they could.

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The Government and food bosses have called for an end to panic buying — and ministers signalled they may now ration certain products if the mob mentality in stores continues.

But shoppers have ignored their pleas – with hand sanitiser, bleach, tinned food and pasta all greedily bought in bulk by shoppers as cases continue to rise in the UK.

Queues have snaked around shops as customers wait 40 minutes for doors to open.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has implored selfish shoppers to “behave responsibly” and “consider the impact that their stocking up might have on others”.

It comes after Boris urged millions to stay inside their homes for 12 weeks with everyone else told to avoid going out.

He said all Brits (around 66million people) should stay out of pubs, clubs, theatres and cinemas for weeks – and potentially months into the summer.

All who can can should work from home, he said.

Coronavirus cases in the UK today rose to 1,950 with the death toll now on 56.


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