Shameless 999 call of little Star's murderer

Shameless 999 call of little Star’s murderer: Female bouncer, 28, who stamped to death her girlfriend’s tragic 16-month daughter tried to pin the blame on a two-year-old boy

  • Savannah Brockhill, 28, murdered 20-year-old lover Frankie Smith’s daughter 
  • Smith was convicted today of causing or allowing her death after harrowing trial
  • Sick couple waited 15 minutes before calling 999 as defenceless child lay dying 

Audio emerged today of the moment a shameless child murderer called 999 as her 16-month-old victim lay dying – before trying to blame the girl’s injuries on a young boy.

Savannah Brockhill, 28, beat her 20-year-old lover Frankie Smith’s daughter Star Hobson to death at her home in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Smith was convicted today of causing or allowing her death.

The little girl died in hospital after her inferior vena cava – the largest vein in the body – was torn. Medics said the injuries are usually seen on car crash victims.

Smith told the jury she was not in the room when Star suffered the fatal injuries but did not suspect Brockhill until she reassessed the situation in prison.

The first part of the transcript is Brockhill responding to the question ‘is she conscious’. She then goes on to pretend that Star had fallen off the sofa 

The couple waited a shocking 15 minutes after the incident where Star was injured before calling 999 and asking for the ambulance service.

In a recording of the call, Brockhill – sounding completely calm – claims she was in the kitchen making a coffee when she heard a ‘bang’ coming from the living room where Star was playing with three other children.

Brockhill adds: ‘I came out and the little lad’s stood there and the little girl’s on the floor and she was crying and then she was sick. Now she’s just gone a little bit floppy to be honest with you.’

When asked what the bang was, the monster says she doesn’t know if Star had ‘fallen off the sofa’ or if the horror happened when she was playing.

She adds: ‘I came in and the little lad was saying ‘Star’…So I’ve obviously shouted for her mum and said ”sit up Star”.

‘I sat her up and I started to rub her back because she was breathing but struggling. She started to be sick so I laid her on the floor.’ 

The shameless murderer – sounding completely calm – goes on to suggest that Star’s injuries were caused by a boy she was with 

Brockhill then claims she began carrying out CPR on Star before placing her in the recovery position.

Her and Smith’s verdicts come 11 days after the stepmother of six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, Emma Tustin, was jailed for his murder in a case that caused widespread shock and revulsion.

Just like that case, social services were repeatedly warned about Brockhill and Smith but Star was allowed to stay with them.

The abuse included the toddler being ‘choke-slammed’, being forced to stand facing a wall and being repeatedly punched.

Smith – who has a very low IQ of 70 – was said to have been dominated by her older partner and so enthralled by her she lost interest in her own daughter.

Eric Wright, a consultant clinical psychologist, told her trial it meant she was in the lowest two per cent of people for general intelligence – and in the top three for compliance and suggestibility.

Savannah Brockhill, 28, murdered killed 20-year-old lover Frankie Smith’s daughter Star Hobson (pictured) at her home in Keighley, West Yorkshire 

Brockhill and Smith have both been convicted of killing the helpless toddler 

Brockhill was aggressively possessive of her and threatened on Snapchat to ‘put anyone in a chair’ who messaged her.

At one point the toddler’s great-grandparents Anita Smith and David Fawcett warned the authorities: ‘We don’t want another Baby P on our hands here, do we?’.

But they say they were accused of being ‘troublemakers who made the complaint because we didn’t like gipsies or same sex relationships’.

Mr Fawcett revealed ‘The lady on the phone from social services said, ‘how do you mean?’, and we were shocked at her reaction.

‘Well, Baby P died through abuse, and we’re making a complaint. My first reaction would have been, ‘yeah, right, we’re on the ball, we’ll sort this one out, we don’t want another Baby P’. Especially with them being the social services. It just came across as being a bit shambolic, really, Absolutely shambolic.’

Jurors were shown footage which prosecutors said showed Brockhill delivering 21 blows to Star in a car over three hours, some as the toddler sat in a car seat.

Star (pictured with Brockhill) suffered a cardiac arrest and died in hospital from appalling injuries inflicted on her

The video came from a camera at a recycling plant in Doncaster where Brockhill was working as a security guard, and was filmed about eight days before Star’s death.

It appeared to show her punching Star with what the prosecutor described as ‘considerable force’.

At one point the youngster fell out of the vehicle. Brockhill also grabbed Star by the throat. They also ‘choke slammed’ the little girl in a twisted discipline metered out.

Another film which was shown to the jury, described by the prosecutor as ‘disturbing and bizarre’, showed Star falling off a plastic chair and hitting the floor.

The mobile phone footage had been slowed down with music added, plus a caption which said ‘in this moment she realises she has messed up’.

Another clip, filmed on both defendants’ phones, showed Star being so exhausted she fell forward and went to sleep in a bowl of food.

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