Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler pepper-sprays man who confronted him for not wearing a face mask

THE mayor of Portland pepper-sprayed a man who accosted him outside a pub and accused him of not wearing a face mask, he has told cops.

Ted Wheeler said he "feared for my personal safety" as the stranger – who was also not wearing a mask – followed him to his car and stuck a video camera in his face.

It was the second time in a month that Trump-bashing mayor Wheeler has been confronted at a diner in the Oregon city.

The latest encounter on Sunday night came after he had dined with former Portland mayor Sam Adams at McMenamins Hillsdale Brewery & Public House, according to a police report obtained by The Oregonian.

The man reportedly complained that Wheeler and Adams were not wearing face masks.

Wheeler said he told the man they had been in the restaurant’s tent, where masks are not required under current coronavirus rules.

But the man then followed closely as he walked to his car, the mayor told police.

“He had no face mask on and got within a foot or two of my face while he was videoing me,” Wheeler said, according to the police report.

“I became imminently concerned for my personal safety.”

The mayor continued: “I clearly informed him that he needed to back off.

“He did not do so I informed him that I was carrying pepper spray and that I would use it if he did not back off.

“He remained at close distance, I pulled out my pepper spray and I sprayed him in the eyes.”

Wheeler said he gave the man a bottle of water to rinse his face and then left.

He and Adams told police they did not recognise the man, described as in his 40s and wearing dark clothing and glasses.

Wheeler’s spokesman Tim Becker acknowledged the incident yesterday, saying: “The mayor is cooperating with the police investigation and encourages others involved to do the same.”

On January 6 Wheeler was accosted and slapped in the face by social justice activists in a cafe's outdoor dining area.

The rowdy group pushed past staff and challenged the mayor, before a female protester "started swatting at the mayor and made physical contact with him", his spokesman said.

He snapped a photo of his female attacker, who is said to be a regular at protests against the city police, but said he wouldn't press charges.

A month earlier, protesters heckled gthe mayor at the same cafe, calling him a “war criminal” and claiming he had “blood on his hands.”

Wheeler has vowed to get tough on the Antifa riots that have plagued Portland with nightly mayhem.

On Joe Biden's inauguration day cops fired tear gas at rioters who smashed the Oregon Democrat Party HQ.

Last summer Wheeler was tear gassed himself as he marched with Black Lives Matter protesters.

But he was forced to move home when the protesters set fires in his apartment block as they called for him to quit.

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