Crime victims to get help to fight for longer jail terms in Tory Mayor hopeful's plans

FAMILIES of murder victims will get extra help to fight for tougher jail sentences under a new plan from the Tory London Mayoral hopeful.

Shaun Bailey will set up a new sentencing unit and tsar in City Hall in charge of helping families fight for justice.

If he wins the Mayoral race in May, six members of staff will be moved from the Office for Policing and Crime to work with the families of the victims.

They will look at sentences handed down to violent thugs and criminals and use the Unduly Lenient Sentences scheme to challenge them.

Members of the public will get support to challenge sentences for murder, rape, robbery, GBH and other sexual offences.

The family of murdered teenager Jodie Chesney have called for tougher sentences for knife crime offenders after her tragic killing – to stop more blood being shed in the capital.

Two teens were eventually jailed for the 17-year-old's murder.

Tory candidate Mr Bailey has also pledged to boost London's police numbers to 40,000 if he wins.

He told The Sun: "Being a victim of violent crimes is extremely traumatising but knowing the perpetrator will serve an appropriate custodial sentence can help victims, family and friends move forwards.

"I have seen firsthand the additional damage lenient sentencing and the resultant loss of faith in the criminal justice system can cause.

"My Sentencing Unit at City Hall will work with victims of crime and their families to challenge sentences that are unduly lenient through the Unduly Lenient Sentencing Scheme, and help ensure justice is properly served on violent and sexual criminals in London."

The number of people using the scheme is already up from just 342 cases back in 2010 to 2,347 in 2018.

The Attorney General reviewed a fifth of all eligible cases and of those, 73 per cent were found to be too lax.

Crime in London is set to be a huge factor in this year's Mayoral election, after the last few years have seen offences soar.

Knife crime hit a new record high earlier this year – up two per cent.

Yesterday ministers revealed new plans to ban people thought to be carrying knifes in the capital.

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