Connecticut man charged with killing mother ‘showed no emotion’

A Connecticut man who was on probation for stabbing his cousin is now accused of killing his mother — and showed “no emotion” when detectives told him she was dead, police said.

Thomas Walker, 31, was charged with murder Friday after he walked into the Stratford Police Department and told an officer he wanted to “report a body,” the Connecticut Post reports.

Walker had scratches on his face and appeared to have blood on his sneakers at the time, police said. Officers then found the body of his mother, Pamela Walker, at the Stratford home they shared on Baird Street with multiple stab wounds to her neck and chest, according to police.

Walker told detectives the pair got into “altercation,” but said he couldn’t recall what happened next, saying he changed his clothes and went to the police station, the newspaper reports.

“We informed Thomas that his mother was found dead in his home,” police said. “He showed no emotion.”

A judge set bail for Walker, who was arraigned via video Monday in Bridgeport, at $2 million. He appeared emotionless during the proceeding as he rested his head against the bars of a courthouse cell, the newspaper reports.

“The state has a very strong case against Mr. Walker,” Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Dunn said.

A judge also noted Walker had been on probation when he allegedly stabbed his mother to death just months after stabbing his cousin several times last year at a home in Bridgeport.

“It’s a disturbing, sad case,” Superior Court Judge Tracy Lee Dayton said.

Walker later pleaded guilty in December to second-degree assault in the attack against his cousin. He was sentenced to six months in prison and three years of probation, the Connecticut Post reports.

Walker’s sister, meanwhile, told detectives she had previously contacted his probation officer to get him mental health treatment, police said.

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