Chinese takeaway kitchen worker caged after brutally attacking chef with hammer over rice row

A CHINESE takeaway worker has been jailed after bludgeoning the chef with a hammer in a row over rice.

Gao Weng left his victim Jin Long Chen hospitalised for two weeks with a number of serious fractures after the brutal row.

The father-of-two exploded with anger after an argument of what to do with old rice while they cooked a fresh pot before arming himself with a hammer from a toolbox.

Weng, 37, suggested that the rice be put in boxes, while Mr Chen suggested frying it.

It prompted Weng to accuse Mr Chen of being lazy and then tell his boss Sheng Lou: “I can’t bear him anymore, I want to beat him up”.

Weng then armed himself with a hammer from a toolbox under the stairs to carry out the attack.

Mr Chen was sitting on a chair with his back to the door when Weng started hitting him hard from behind on the back, prosecutor Neil Beckwith told Manchester crown court.

Mr Chen tried to grab hold of the hammer but was unable to and was then hit repeatedly in his hands and the side of his head.

Sheng Lou and another worker struggled to restrain Weng before Mr Lou finally managed to disarm him.

Weng then went outside and had a cigarette.

Mr Chen was taken to hospital after the attack in Double Dragon, Old Trafford, Manchester, at 5pm on August 16 last year.

He had to have two metal plates inserted in his face, as well as spending a fortnight in a brace.

Weng later admitted causing grievous bodily harm with intent and was jailed for six years on Friday.

In a victim impact statement, Mr Chen said: “The doctor said the operation on my face might affect my sight in the future and the injuries to my back might affect my movement.

“Now I don’t work I don’t have an income and I rely on my employer for food and accommodation. I also suffer mentally – I feel scared when seeing hammers or knives.

“I will have to handle knives in the kitchen and this phobia may affect my work in future.”

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Father-of-two Weng, of Rochdale Road, Blackley, has a previous conviction for assault.

Iain Johnstone, defending, said his client “bitterly regretted” his actions towards the victim, which came after “petty bickering” between the pair across a number of weeks.

The lawyer added: “Mr Weng felt Mr Chen wasn’t pulling his weight, that he was disrespectful.

"Mr Weng went and handed his notice in to his employer saying he couldn’t tolerate the way Chen was treating him and didn’t think his employer was taking the situation seriously.

“He snapped – he saw red and he certainly apologises to everyone involved for his behaviour in a moment of madness which is going to cost him dear.”

Jailing Weng, Judge Hernandez told him: “Listening to this case it’s difficult to understand what led to the ferocity of this attack.

“At first blush an argument about putting cooked rice into a box, but reading further material it’s apparent that you had a longstanding disagreement with Mr Chen, whether it was justified or not.

“It was a cowardly attack – a serious and unprovoked attack which has caused significant injuries.”

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