Caroline Crouch suspected husband of having an affair with ex before he strangled her

CAROLINE Crouch suspected her husband of having an affair with his ex before he strangled her, a testimony given by a mental health counsellor has revealed.

The 20-year-old Brit was smothered to death by her pilot husband, Charalambos "Babis" Anagnostopoulos, on May 11 as their one-year-old daughter Lydia lay nearby.

And now, dramatic revelations about Caroline’s relationship with Babis Anagnostopoulos have been brought to light by the secret testimony given by their mental health counselor, Helen Milonopoulou, according to reports from Greek news outlet IN.

In the testimony, which lasted for four hours, the couple’s mental health counselor described in detail the sessions he had with Caroline. 

A new round of judicial investigations into the violent crime in Glyka Nera is expected to be opened as a result of the new information.

Caroline, 20, had reportedly spoken in detail about her relationship with the pilot, stating how manipulative he was while expressing her suspicions about other women in his life. 

According to reports from ALPHA, Ms. Mylonopoulou said the couple had a tense relationship, and Caroline suspected there was another woman in the pilot’s life. 

“In January, Caroline began to suspect that her husband may have returned to one of the women he knew before their marriage,” the counselor said.

“She knew that there were two women from his work with whom he had relations before.”

Caroline’s sessions with Ms. Mylonopoulou began in November 2020, after Babis had called her and claimed his wife was suffering from postpartum depression.

However, she stressed that from the first session, when she was left alone, Caroline started telling her that the real problem was that she wanted to leave her house.

"She could no longer bear how manipulative he was. She lived under his complete control 24 hours a day. She was locked in the house, she could not go anywhere without his permission and when he had to go out, he always called the same taxi that a friend of his had,” Ms. Mylonopoulou said.

The mental health counselor said Caroline described to her an authoritarian husband who had her under his complete control and had cut her off from everyone.

"She could no longer bear how manipulative he was. She lived under his complete control 24 hours a day."

The pilot had put a device on his cell phone to check where Caroline was and had cut her off from her friends. He accompanied her to every session, she said, and when she was alone and started talking, she was afraid that he would hear what she was saying.

She also said the sessions were interrupted abruptly, on which Caroline had begun to open up and ask for her advice. She believes that this was done on the orders of the 33-year-old.

The couple’s counselor is said to have referred to a visit she received from Babis Anagnostopoulos in early June, shortly before his case started.

He appeared to be pretending to be “overwhelmed” by grief for his late wife, she said.

Ms. Mylonopoulou also said the pilot had been trying to “fish” for the notes she kept from the conversations between them, while he had asked her what he intended to report to the police authorities.

Finally, Ms. Mylonopoulou testified that she received threats against her life: "They called me and asked if I had testified to the police about what Caroline was saying at the sessions,” she said.

“A few days later, I received threatening phone calls from a stranger who was threatening to kill me, telling me ‘you will pay me’.”

The revelations come after Caroline’s tormented dad says he would have "blown her killer's head off" if he'd known the sickening truth about how his daughter had died. 

Anagnostopoulos confessed to his horrific crimes after more than eight hours of interrogation – with cops describing him as a "top class actor".

Caroline’s retired oil exec dad David, 78, last week spoke of his anguish after they comforted each other at Caroline's funeral.

He and wife Susan later discovered cops had taken Anagnostopoulos from his daughter's memorial service to confront him with evidence proving he was the killer.

David told the Daily Mail: "I said at the time that had I known what he had done when he was here, I would have blown his lying head right off his shoulders and gladly taken the consequences.

"I feel exactly the same today and I know that I will feel this way for the rest of my life."

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