Boss Moves: 8 Free Apps To Help You Market Your Business

Whether you are starting a new business, managing your business, or an entrepreneur offering services—every dollar counts. So as you grow a company or make your target audience aware of your offerings, marketing is an essential part of the process. 

Marketing can make or break your business and increase profitability. Having a strategy is essential because it communicates to others the value they will receive from your product or service. Not to mention, marketing will increase your brand visibility and help you find new customers, drive sales, and build your reputation as a credible company or source. Social media marketing is also an affordable (and often free) way to do all of the things just recently mentioned. It is imperative to create high quality content to achieve these goals. However, if you are a small or new business, it’s understandable that funds may be tight and you can’t afford to hire a graphic designer. You may also not be able to afford a marketing or public relations specialist to help promote your business and make potential customers aware of your audience.

Don’t worry! There are a bevy of free (yes, you read that right) apps that can assist you in creating content to promote your services, finding affordable help, managing your online presence, as well as leading your team. We rounded up the best apps that will help you be a boss babe for free.99!

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