Biden and his entire family need to be investigated by RUDY GIULIANI as special counsel, Bannon says

FORMER Trump aide Steve Bannon has said Joe Biden and his family need to be investigated – and suggested Rudy Giuliani as special counsel.

Speaking on his podcast War Room: Pandemic on Wednesday, the former White House chief strategist floated the idea of such an investigation.

Bannon said he wants Attorney General William Barr to “step it up into a microphone at the Justice Department, he needs to say, ‘I've appointed a special counsel.’”

“You get one of the toughest prosecutors in the country, maybe Rudy Giuliani, you know, he's the president's counsel, but I think he'd make himself available.

“It should be a special counsel, and that will go through November 3, so win, lose, or draw, right, we are going to already start with a massive investigation. This has to happen.”

Bannon once worked in the White House under President Donald Trump as a strategist and senior counselor, and served as CEO of Trump’s 2016 campaign.

In August, Bannon was removed from a luxury superyacht and arrested for allegedly stealing money that Trump supporters donated to the “We Built The Wall” group to fund a wall on the southern border with Mexico. 

Bannon’s remarks come weeks after the New York Post reported on alleged emails, documents, and photos that belonged to Hunter Biden. 

Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, gave a copy of the hard drive to the Post – which reported that Hunter’s apparent business ties with Ukraine and China while his dad was vice president.

Critics of Biden have often tried to attack and question the former VP’s relationship with Ukraine.

Hunter joined the board of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma in 2014, around the time Biden was helping conduct the Obama administration's foreign policy with Ukraine.

Trump and his supporters have alleged that Biden pushed for the firing of Ukraine's top prosecutor to protect his son and Burisma from any investigation.

Biden did push for the prosecutor's firing – but that's because he was reflecting the official position of not only the Obama administration, but many Western countries and because the prosecutor was seen as “soft on corruption.”

The emails were reportedly discovered in a laptop Hunter dropped off at a local repair shop in Delaware in April 2019.

The FBI seized the laptop in December after the shop owner, John Paul MacIsaac, 44, alerted them to the laptop.

Biden's son left the damaged Apple laptop at the shop in April 2019 – but MacIsaac claimed Hunter never returned, or paid the $85 bill.

Biden has said the entire “scandal” is a smear against his campaign and his family in the weeks leading up to Election Day.

Following the email dump, Trump called the Bidens an “organized crime family” – despite Biden never facing any charges that would suggest that’s true. 

After the 2016 election, Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel to investigate whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the election against Hillary Clinton.

This week, Giuliani exploded at Fox News host Kennedy for "outrageous defamation" after she likened him to Trump dossier spy Christopher Steele.

"Some could say you are acting like Christopher Steele."

Kennedy was referring to the former British spy who was behind an unverified dossier on Trump that came to light during the 2016 election campaign.

"You better apologize for that!" Giuliani hit back. "I've been a United States attorney, associate attorney general, mayor of New York City, and a member of the bar for 50 years."

Giuliani also called Kennedy's comment an "outrageous defamation."

"I think our interview is now over," he said before staying for another five minutes. "I don't talk to people who accuse me."

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