Animal Rising eco-mob steal lambs from Sandringham

Animal Rising eco-mob steal lambs from Sandringham: Activists target King Charles’ royal country estate and drive away with animals

  • Three eco-activists from the group stole three lambs from Appleton Farm 

Activists from Animal Rising have stolen and driven off with three lambs from King Charles’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

Militant eco-activists from the animal rights campaign group, previously known as Animal Rebellion, trespassed onto the royal estate last night, emerging this morning with three lambs that would have been ‘slaughtered’.

The three women, donning pink Animal Rebellion t-shirts, were pictured carrying the young animals off Appleton Farm on the King’s land in West Newton and later in the back of a van with the creatures.

Amongst the three was Rose Patterson, 33, a director of the campaign group who was previously arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance after being flagged as the ringleader in the group’s plot to sabotage the Grand National.

Patterson, along with the other women named Sarah and Rosa, said they rescued the lambs, who they dubbed Sammy, Sunny and Sooty, to save them from ‘slaughter’.

Three protesters from the animal rights group Animal Rising carried away three lambs from Appleton Farm on the King’s Sandringham Estate in Norfolk 

The three women, Rose Patterson, 33, (right), Sara and Rosa, were then pictured in the back of the van with the young animals 

Following the stunt, the women posted photos holding up signs Reading ‘I rescued the King’s Sheep’ and ‘This is how much we love animals’

Footage of the theft shows the three women running onto the farm, picking up a lamb and calling it ‘baby’ before turning around and carrying to the van.

The women call the lamb ‘heavy’ and ‘sweetie pie’ as they loaded it into the back of the truck filled with hay.

Another clips shows the activists sat in the field watching the grazing sheep as they eat.

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Those on social media, however, have called on Norfolk Police to look into the alleged theft, with others expressing concern for the animal’s welfare.

Ryan Johnson said: ‘Stealing from farmers and taking lambs from their mothers is disgraceful and pathetic.

‘This is exactly the type of action that turns more and more of the nation against and loses Animal Rebellion’s respect as a serious organisation.’

Annette Scannell added: ‘I hope you didn’t take them from their mothers? If so, you should have rescued their mothers too. Where will the lambs be looked after?’

While Mark David Willis wrote: ‘Sheep rustling is a crime you know. You have committed theft.’

The three activists have since ‘handed themselves into the police’ and ‘they stand by the belief that a jury of ordinary people will take the side of care and freedom’.

They were later pictured standing proudly with banners that read ‘I rescued the King’s sheep’ and ‘this is how we love animals’.

It is unknown if the lambs have been returned to the farmer or if they have been released into the wild.

The militant animal campaigning group claim the three women have since handed themselves into Norfolk Police 

Footage from the groups Facebook page shows the three women handling the sheep and taking it onto a small van 

Patterson, 33, is one of the directors of Animal Rising and the alleged ringleader of the group’s plot to sabotage the Grand National 

Patterson was  arrested last month on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance over plans to disrupt the racecourse. Pictured: Patterson at the Animal Rising protest on Westminster Bridge in February 

Animal Rising, an offshoot of the climate group Extinction Rebellion, has vowed to disrupt the Epsom Derby taking place next Saturday on June 3

Animal Rising, an offshoot of the climate group Extinction Rebellion, has vowed to disrupt the Epsom Derby taking place next Saturday on June 3.

It is the latest in a stream of demonstrations the group has carried out and is planning.  

Earlier this week, the group occupied five high end restaurants in Bristol, Birmingham, Lancaster, Glasgow and Southampton, as part of a national day of action.

The eco-activist’s targeted restaurants with ‘meat-heavy menus’, refusing to move until police officers escorted them out.

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Last month, in a bid to cancel the horse race, 25 protesters invaded the Scottish Grand National at Ayr Racecourse storming underneath fencing and running to different positions around the track.

A statement posted on the group’s social media read: ‘Last night, Rose, Sarah and Rosa entered His Majesty’s Sandringham Estate, Norfolk, and managed to leave with three beautiful young lambs.

‘Because of the bravery and compassion of these women, three babies Sammy, Sunny and Sooty will now be allowed to live their lives freely, in a safe space where they are not seen as objects or products, but as the sentient, emotional, lovely little individuals they are.

‘By rescuing these lambs, Rose, Sarah and Rosa are hoping to not only give these gorgeous lambs a chance at a real life, but also to provoke conversation: we love animals, so why would we ever want to hurt them in this way?’

It is not the first time that people have targeted the royal family’s Sandringham Estate.

Back in 2009, 19 Red Poll Cattle, then valued at £15,000, were stolen from Appleton Farm and loaded onto a lorry.

A spokesperson for Norfolk Police said they are looking into the incident.  

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