Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? winner Donald Fear giving jackpot to family

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? winner Donald Fear has decided to give the majority of his winnings to his family.

Not content with becoming a TV legend by taking home the top prize with three of his lifelines still in tact – and no mysterious coughing in the audience – he’s proving to be very generous as well.

Speaking about the win, the 57-year-old explained that many relatives were affected by the coronavirus lockdown, and are struggling financially with their mortgages.

‘There are some in my family who are struggling financially,’ the Sun states he said. ‘Well, not now they’re not. Money isn’t everything, by any means, but you can put people in the cocoon against life’s mis­fortunes. And this is my chance.

‘My daughter’s partner lost his job and she has gone down to part-time hours. It’s pretty clear that once ­furlough payments end, she will probably be out of a job as well.’

Despite handing out the majority of his jackpot out to his family – including his four children – there is one thing Donald does have his eye on after becoming the sixth person to scoop the top prize.

‘Obviously the temptation is to get on the next plane to the States or Australia or something, but not under Covid,’ he continued.

‘So we are likely to be in this country and I rather like the thought of a motorhome, going west and to the Highlands of Scotland and going on the Caledonian plain to the Outer Hebrides. Sounds like heaven to me.’

The history and politics teacher left fans shocked when he sailed through the easy questions on the quiz show.

He didn’t even blink at the the £1 million question, when he was asked: ‘In 1718, which pirate died in battle off the coast of what is now North Carolina?’ 

Donald correctly answered Blackbeard, and was handed the huge sum – and confessed that he was well-versed in the subject as he had taught the subject to children eight years before.

‘As a history teacher my job is to know stuff,’ he told host Jeremy Clarkson, explaining he would read atlases ‘for fun’ as a child.

Anyone off to study their nearest atlas?

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