'The Flash': Burning Questions the Season 6 Finale Needs to Answer

The Flash Season 6 Episode 18, titled “Pay the Piper,” set up Team Flash for what will be this season’s finale. Although the coronavirus pandemic forced the producers to end the season early, the cast and crew behind The Flash have teased a good finale with a cliffhanger, which should give fans plenty to chew on until next season. With that in mind, here are some questions that the season 6 finale will hopefully answer definitively.

[Spoiler warning: The following article contains details about TheFlash Season 6.]

1. Will Barry get his super-speed back in ‘The Flash’ Season 6 finale?

The first half of The Flash Season 6 culminated with Crisison Infinite Earths, the event that caused the multiverse to collapse. Alas,The Flash could barely catch his breath afterward before the death of the SpeedForce in the second half of the season.

Barry has been struggling with his dwindling super-speed for months. In an attempt to restore his powers to full force, the hero hatched a plan for Team Flash to build an artificial Speed Force. But will it work?

In a statement to CBR, the showrunner, Eric Wallace, confirmed that the Scarlet Speedster would succeed in regaining his metahuman abilities. The outlet quoted him as saying, “Barry has to get his speed back at some point. I mean, the show is called The Flash.”

The Flash will inevitably reclaim his power, but the question of “when” remains unanswered. Will lightning strike for former Fastest Man Alive in the finale? Or will he end the season with depleted super-speed, and make season 7 his comeback story?

2. Will Team Flash defeat Eva McCulloch and Black Hole in ‘The Flash’ finale?

Carver and Black Hole have forged a path of destruction during season 6. Meanwhile, Eva abducted innocent people — namely Iris, Kamilla, and Singh — to free herself from the Mirror dimension and further her vendetta against Carver.

Will the estranged spouses, Carver and Eva, destroy eachother, leaving Team Flash to sweep up the aftermath? Or, will the heroes ofCentral City find themselves facing both threats simultaneously in the finale? Consideringthe shortened season, yet another plausible scenario would extend the Carverand Eva stories into The Flash Season 7. With any luck, season 6 episode19 will tie up at least one of those loose ends.

3. What fate lies ahead for Iris, Kamilla, and Singh?

Thanks to Eva McCulloch, aka the Mirror Master, Iris,Kamilla, and Singh have been trapped inside the Mirrorverse for what feels likea lifetime. In The Flash Season 6 Episode 18, “Pay the Piper,” Iris tracksdown Kamilla inside the Mirror version of STAR Labs. But as of the end of thatepisode, there was no sign of Singh.

Will the women locate the police commissioner and find a way home in the season finale? Or are they doomed to wait it out until next season? When they finally do escape, what effects will their extended stay in the Mirror dimension have on their physical and mental wellbeing?

In “Pay the Piper,” Iris begins to exhibit a physical reaction eerily similar to Eva’s habitual arm scratching. The investigative reporter also alludes to a side effect of living in the Mirrorverse called, neural dissidence. Has living in another dimension damaged Iris’ mind?

When showrunner,Wallace, spoke with CBR, he confirmed that there would indeed be adverse implicationsof being trapped for so long. He told them this: “Theconsequences of watching all of the things that she’s been forced to watch isgoing to leave a big emotional toll on Iris.”

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