Teen Mom Jenelle Evans & husband David Eason slammed as 'racist' for displaying big Confederate flag in home workshop

JENELLE Evans and her husband David Eason have been caught with a confederate flag in their workshop, as fans criticize the couple for being "racist."

The Teen Mom 2 star and her husband are consistently ripped for their socio-political opinions and parenting techniques.

Jenelle, 29, shared a new Instagram story where she filmed her husband working in their tool shop behind the house.

As the reality star panned the camera down towards David welding metal, fans caught a glimpse of a Confederate flag hanging on the wall.

Many were shocked as they flocked to Reddit to label the couple as "racist" for owning the controversial emblem.

A follower shared a screenshot from the original take with the comment: "Uncle Bad Touch still reppin’ the confederate flag.

"JE quickly pans camera down to avoid it in the shot. Cant hide from a screen shot though. Losers."

"Disgusting," one disgruntled fan put shortly, while a second agreed: "Honestly I've never seen a bigger low life, loser trash than the Easons."

"He and that flag have so much in common!" a second wrote, "Both are losers who belong in the trash."

"I don't think they're trying to hide it / are ashamed of it at all! They wear confederate flag shirts and gear all the time. It's despicable," another contributed.

"Right? He reminds me of someone's gross old racist stepdad… and I guess that's what he is. Jenelle is younger than me. Why would you want to f**k something like that, let alone marry it?" a final seared.

Jenelle and her husband have faced constant scrutiny from the public over their lifestyle choices.

Recently the mom of three was slammed for letting her four-year-old daughter smell poisonous flowers.

The small child held and sniffed a Snowdrop flower, a plant considered toxic with potential symptoms of dizziness, nausea, diarrhea and in some extreme cases, death.

In the newly shared TikTok video the young mom was "Teaching Ensley about Spring" as the duo discussed the changing seasons.

 "It's getting warmer out, you know what that means?" she asked her tot.

"Springtime! Because it's going to get hotter and the grass is going to be green."

Fans were alarmed by the video which put the child at risk, as they warned the controversial star of the flower's dangers.

"Just be careful, those are toxic," one instructed, to which Jenelle responded: "Thank you for letting me know! I had no idea! What are they called?"

"Definitely poisonous! It can cause a lot of issues. Google it," another discussed while a third wrote: "Yes. They can cause dermatitis but are toxic if ingested."

Earlier in March Jenelle also received backlash for letting Ensley wear socks with a "pot leaf" design.

“Yup… she’s my child," she gushed, as her daughter walked around with one sock featuring the drug symbol.

The brunette defended the incident to haters by informing them: “We have a ‘sock pile’ in our house that has random socks and do not have matches."

She further claimed she "told her to get her socks and didn’t realize it."

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