Sue Gray is not some kind of patsy James Heappey in furious rebuke at Adil Ray

Susanna Reid says PM’s ‘authority crumbling away’

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Defence Minister James Heappey locked horns with Adil Ray during a tense exchange on Tuesday’s instalment of Good Morning Britain. They debated senior civil servant Sue Gray’s Cabinet Office inquiry into parties held inside Downing Street when COVID-19 restrictions were in place. When Ray questioned the minister on whether the credibility of Gray’s impending report, Heappey issued him with a stark warning.

Heappey said people will have to wait and see what Gray comes back with following her investigation.
He explained: “And people like me have a job at work to do to explain to the British public that right now there is a Prime Minister and a government which are getting on with delivering their priorities.”
The minister said the Government is tackling a very difficult economic situation and national security challenges.
However, Adil interjected: “Can we just clarify one thing? A lot of people want to talk about Sue Gray’s inquiry. It’s not an independent injury though, is it?

“She’s a civil servant who reports to the Prime Minister and all she can do is report facts and the person who will decide the punishment on the Prime Minister is the Prime Minister himself. It’s true isn’t it?”
Heappey replied: “Last time she did one of these it led to a deputy Prime Minister having to leave the post
“So anybody who is trying to suggest Sue Gray is some sort of patsy, they are picking on the wrong woman, she is formidable.”
However, Ray added: “It’s not independent though is it?”

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