Succession's Brian Cox teases two more seasons of hit drama – and confirms 'writers already have an ending'

SUCCESSION star Brian Cox has teased two more seasons of the hit drama – confirming that writers have already planned the ending.

After a two-year hiatus, America’s favourite chaotic family returned for the third season – and they certainly didn’t disappoint. 

Since the dramatic first episode aired on Monday night, Brian, who plays the patriarch Logan Roy, has admitted that he thinks the show’s conclusion “will come soon”.

“I would say possibly two more series and then I think we’re done,” he sensationally revealed in a recent interview with GQ UK.

“It depends what the writers feel – I know they’ve got an endgame. They just haven’t told us what the ending is, but there is an endgame.

“So, it’s just how they get up to that endgame, whether it takes one series or two series.”

Brian affirmed that the silver lining is that the writers don’t want the show to drag on to the point where it stops being entertaining. 

“I think it’s going to be hard to let go of it this early,” he added.

“I think it needs a couple more series before it really comes to a culmination, that’s my feeling.

“Because of its iconic nature is just hitting, I think people are going to want two more series, but they may only get one.”

As for when to expect the fourth season, it looks like fans will be in for another long wait. 

Confirming that filming is set to begin in the summer of 2022, Brian concluded that writers are set to begin working on the next season in January.

“I was surprised because I thought they’d be getting back in November,” he said.

“But I do think they need a break. I mean, I think that they do need space because they’ve been working really hard on this series."

Succession will return to screens for its second episode of the third season on Monday, 25 October on Sky and NOW.

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