SNL's Michael Che hits back after being accused of ‘culturally appropriating' black people for using ‘bro’ in sketch

 MICHAEL Che used the word "bro" in a recent SNL sketch — and his critics say he's a culture vulture for it.

The backlash comes from a sketch he wrote called "Gen Z Hospital," which aired on Saturday night and prompted a huge response online.

Elon Musk hosted the episode, and Miley Cyrus was the musical guest on that episode.

Throughout the sketch, phrases like "gang gang," "stan" and "no cap" — common in Gen Z parlance — were used.

These phrases originate in AAVE, or African-American Vernacular English, according to Deadline.

However, the sketch credited Gen Z and social media for coming up with the phrases.

And that's where Twitter critics unleashed their fury, claiming the sketch was "poking fun" at AAVE.

Critics also accused the SNL actors of being culture vultures.

But Michael Che, who created the sketch, isn't standing for the backlash.

“I’ve been reading about how my “gen z” sketch was misappropriating AAVE and I was stunned cause what the f**k is ‘AAVE’?" he said on Instagram.

"Turns out it’s an acronym for ‘African American vernacular english.’ You know, AAVE! That ol’ saying that actual black people use in conversation all the time!"

He then went on to admit that despite his best efforts, the sketch wasn't a hit.

"Look, the sketch bombed. I’m used to that," he said.

But he didn't quite stop there.

In the post's caption, he wrote "if i could stop one person from calling everybody bro and bestie, im happy with that."

He also said he loved AAVE "to the moon."

But shortly after he wrote the post, Michael Che deleted it from his Instagram page.

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