'SNL': Maya Rudolph Moderates Last Debate Between Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin as a Drinking Game

Carrey also rolls out a revamped Biden impression


We’re less than two weeks away from election day, so of course like every other episode this season the cold open of Saturday’s “SNL” mined the 2020 presidential race for material with a parody of the final (thank goodness) debate between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Republican incumbent Donald Trump.

Naturally this meant the return of Alec Baldwin as Trump, joined by Jim Carrey who, in what is almost certainly a response to the widespread criticism last week, rolled out a total revamp of his Biden impression. They were joined by Maya Rudolph, but instead of playing Kamala Harris she portrayed debate moderator Kristen Welker, whose performance in the role received a lot of praise. And even Kate McKinnon showed up for a brief joke referencing how Rudy Giuliani was publicly humiliated by the new “Borat” movie.

And yes, there were jokes about the big change the debate commission introduced to prevent Trump from rudely interrupting everyone: The mute button.

As has been the norm this season, the “SNL” version of the final debate took some liberties with what happened, but in something of a surprise the show dropped the over-the-top version of Biden as doddering and slightly senile, which of course is how the Trump campaign wants Biden to be seen. Unfortunately, that portrayal bears zero resemblance either to his actual performances in the recent debates and town halls, or how even conservative viewers perceived him. And in fact, large majorities of viewers thought Biden won the final debate.

Instead, on “SNL” Carrey portrayed Biden as an amped-up, still old man swaggering around and, sort of like the real Biden constantly dropping catch phrases like “come on,” a stark contrast to previous episodes.

The episode rattled down a lot of the debate’s greatest hits, primarily dinging Trump’s frequent  bizarre comments along with Joe’s old timey mannerisms as Rudolph as Welker led the audience through debate bingo.

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