See Samantha Bee, Celebrity Coalition Plead Congress to Do 'One F-cking Thing' About Gun Control

Samantha Bee and a coalition of celebrities — including Phoebe Bridgers, Tenacious D, Regina King, and Tegan and Sara — called on Congress to do “one fucking thing” about gun control in this preview from Wednesday’s episode of Full Frontal, which focuses on ending gun violence in America.

“I am disgusted and hurt and pissed off that every day, there is almost another shooting in the United States. It’s gotten to the point when a shooting does happen, you can’t even call it the shooting because there were three other shootings that happened that day,” Bee says.

“I want to talk about why the fuck we aren’t doing anything to change things.” Noting the upcoming midterm elections, Bee added,” We genuinely just have 18 months to try to do one fucking thing about gun control.”

The host then shared a video where actors (like Bellamy Young), comedians (Ilana Glazer, Rhea Butcher, W. Kamau Bell), musicians (Josh Groban, Rebecca Black, Weezer’s Brian Bell), and politicians (Ilhan Omar and Gabby Giffords) asked Congress to do “one fucking thing about guns.”

“I really hope this works because I owe these people tens of thousands of dollars on Cameo,” Bee quipped.

The new episode of Full Frontal, dubbed “Full Frontal Wants To Take Your Guns,” airs May 12th on TBS.

“The fact that 316 people are victims of gun violence in the United States every single day makes me want to Zoom call every politician in this country and just scream at them,” Bee said in a statement. “But the polite Canadian in me won’t actually allow me to raise my voice, so we’re doing the comedy special equivalent of that instead.”

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