Peter Andre's daughter Princess stunned into silence as he gets her 32in TV on her epic 13th birthday

PETER Andre managed to stun his daughter Princess into silence – with an epic 13th birthday that saw her showered with amazing presents.

The teen was shocked and emotional after getting a haul that included a 32-inch television, two adorable rabbits, two teepees and a towering cake.

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 Unwrapping an enormous box containing the flatscreen TV for her room, she turned to dad Pete and gasped: "What? No way would you…why would you do that?"

Peter joked: "OK, I'll take it back." He added: "Be a good teenager please."

She replied: "I will be."

But the giant TV was just the start of the surprises, with Princess led into the living room to reveal a pair of sleepover teepees stocked with chocolates, tiaras and dressing gowns.

Earlier, she had been presented with two rabbits, whom she named Willow and Teddy.

However, the experience of having the pets in the house didn't leave Emily in quite so much delight – with the 30-year-old suffering an allergy attack from the straw used to line their hutch.

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