New mum Kate Ferdinand says she's grateful for 'family, friends and health' after admitting she's struggling in lockdown

NEW mum Kate Ferdinand has opened up about how she's grateful for her "family, friends and health" despite struggling in lockdown.

The 29-year-old, who gave birth to son Cree before Christmas, took to social media to share what has "helped her through" a difficult time.

Following on from a snap with writing saying "I am grateful for", Kate shared a collection of photos of her friends, family and pets.

The sweet snaps included a wedding photo of her and hubby Rio, 42, baby Cree's little fingers and Kate and her step-children Lorenz, Tate and Tia.

It comes just days after Kate admitted she was struggling with the new baby in lockdown and had been "left feeling low" after the birth.

Kate wrote beside the new post: "Thank you all for your amazing messages and support. I am grateful for you all.

"Lots of you have been feeling similar in lockdown, although not every day is amazing at the moment, it really has helped me the last few days."

The star went on to list all the things she was grateful for, including her "health", "being able to walk and get fresh air", and her "family".

"My friends who have been here for me through everything," Kate continued. "You guys for all your support. The dogs.

"All the amazing memories I have been able to make with my family over the last few years. My emotions, although I am so emotional – it helps me to be the loving person I am."

Fans were quick to flood the post with supportive messages, dubbing Kate "incredible" and encouraging her that hard times "will pass".

"You are doing amazing, Kate," wrote one gushing fan. "Congratulations with the baby, you're incredible."

Another added: "Bad feelings will pass. You are simply phenomenal."

Last week, Kate admitted she had broken down in tears after struggling to deal with little Cree's incessant crying.

The former Towie star shared a snap of a note left by one of her three step children, telling her: "[Please] stop crying. I love [you]."

Kate wrote to fans that while she'd hoped the screaming baby would "drown out the sound of her tears", lockdown meant that "little ears were listening in".

"To new mums, mums, step mums … and anyone who is struggling in lockdown, I feel you," she began the emotional post.

"Sometimes we just need to sneak in our room and have a little cry … even then, because of lockdown, we may have lots of little ears listening in.

"A mix of the new baby, lockdown, kids at home and lack of sleep have well and truly got me.

"I feel like I’m a robot going through the same routine daily, feed baby, wind baby, wait for him to wake and repeat."

The new mum continued that while she knew she was "blessed" to have her "husband, four beautiful kids, and two dogs", she felt "trapped".

"Some moments I’m feeling amazing and full of love, but I’m too often left feeling low, like I can’t escape," she wrote.

"All my coping mechanisms I’ve learnt over the years to keep my anxiety at bay I can’t utilise. A workout, a long walk, some alone time.

""I never normally talk openly with how I’m feeling on here in the present, I always open up when I’m feeling better or it leaves me feeling really vulnerable.

"Your messages made me feel so much better last time and not alone."

She concluded by thanks fans for their support, and encouraging other new mums that they "weren't alone" in their struggles.

Cree was born via an emergency cesarean section just before Christmas, with Kate explaining she'd been "wiped out" by the birth.

The star fell pregnant last year after beginning to try for a baby in 2018, as Rio's three children admitted they were keen to welcome another sibling to the brood.

It came a year after Kate and Rio began their relationship in 2017, tying the knot in Turkey in 2019.

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