Mum turns her kitchen into a bright pink Barbie dream for less than £100

When it comes to celebrating their favourite colour, some people like to go big.

Take Victoria Palmer, for example, who absolutely loves pink.

The 48-year-old mum-of-five, of Wrotham, Kent, decided to give her kitchen an incredible DIY makeover with a glorious pink theme.

The transformation took just four days and less than £100.

Victoria, who works as a cleaner, said: ‘Pink is my favourite colour – when people ask me what my house looks like I tell them to look at me and that’s exactly what my house looks like.

‘I love bright colours and it really represents my personality. I wanted to add some colour into the kitchen; people can’t believe I live with all males!

‘They let me get on with it – as long as they have food and something to watch on the TV they are happy.’

Victoria gave her kitchen a Barbiefied look by covering the cabinets, drawers, dishwasher, and washing machine in pink vinyl, then adding in pink utensils and kitchen equipment.

Victoria lives at home with her three sons, George, 27, Todd, 24 and Ben, 21, and her husband Stuart, 52, but says they don’t mind living in a pink wonderland.

It’s not just the kitchen that’s a bit out there.

The family home also has a Mickey Mouse themed bathroom, the front room is yellow and pink and filled with 80s toys, and Victoria’s bedroom is bright pink with touches of pastel shades.

Even the outside of the house packs a punch, painted mint green, lemon, pink, and blue.

‘The attention the kitchen has got on social media has been crazy – people love it but it’s not for a lot of people,’ Victoria said.

‘I have a very unique style but I absolutely love it and my two daughters definitely take after me.’

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