Love Island's Priya hits back at body-shaming troll who called her a 'stupid Tory b***h' and 'disgusting to look at'

LOVE Island star Priya Gopaldas has hit back at a troll who body-shamed her and called her a "stupid Tory b***h".

The 23-year-old medical student slammed a social media user who took aim at her figure and said she was "disgusting to look at".

The reality star insisted it is "the first and last time" she will respond to negative comments.

The vile user told Priya that she was "all bones no flesh" and claimed that no one finds that attractive.

Priya hit back and told the troll that "as women we should support each other".

The TV beauty said: "Hey Kiara, looking at your Instagram you're clearly a beautiful girl!

"As women we should support each other and instead of body shaming we should try to stay kind.

"I love my body because it allows me to run far and be strong.

"Sometimes criticism like that can be damaging to a woman's confidence and make them feel like they need to change themselves with surgery or by eating badly when actually we're all uniquely beautiful."


It comes after Love Island bosses have slammed vile trolls for sending contestant Chloe Burrows hundreds of death threats upon her entrance last month.

As a result, cruel viewers have since inundated Chloe's horrified family with death threats and disturbing messages, leaving them begging people to stop.

Love Island bosses stepped in warned trolls that they will be reported for making nasty and hurtful comments about the Islanders.

In a statement posted on Instagram, show bosses said: "We want Love Island to be a positive experience for all of our cast and their friends and family members.

"Last night's episode created strong reactions but some viewers' posts were wholly unacceptable.

"We take these matters extremely seriously and will support cast members and their families in reporting such posts."

Meanwhile, Lillie Haynes was told to "watch her back" in horrifying messages from an online troll.

The 22-year-old appeared on this year's series of the ITV2 reality show during Casa Amor week.

Lillie had a connection with Liam Reardon, who kissed her despite being coupled up with Millie Court in the main villa.

The blonde beauty shared some examples of the abuse she had received online since leaving the villa.

The stream of messages from the now deactivated account included one which read: "Absolute ugly b***h, you have nothing going for you."

Another said: "You legit look like a man with a wig on that recent post."

A third chilling warned: "You're in Manchester. Better watch your back b***h."

Lillie then wrote a lengthy post to her followers and said: "As per my previous post…Majority of my DMs are so lovely and I always try and focus on you sweet angels who are sending me positivity.

"To be threatening someone you've never met absolutely blows my mind.

"I'm still so new to this world of exposure and I'm learning along the way what's worth to address and what's not. This one I feel passionate about."

She then called out the transphobic undertones in the messages, writing: "A man in a wig is f***ing beautiful, so if you want to try insult me, try harder.

"I am a huge LGBT+ supporter and you know what little t*tties are sexy too."

She then asked her followers to send her body positive quotes and messages which she then shared on her Instagram Stories.

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