Love Island fans convinced Siannise and Luke T have SPLIT after spotting 'clues' on her Instagram

LOVE Island fans are convinced that Siannise Fudge and beau Luke Trotman have SPLIT after spotting "clues" on her social media.

Eagle-eyed followers took to Reddit to share their theories that the couple, who met on the ITV2 dating show last year, had gone their separate ways.

One fan noticed how former beauty consultant Siannise, 27, had changed the caption in an old photo to delete a rant about love.

The snap saw her and beau Luke, 24 – a semi-professional footballer – cuddling up together for a sweet mirror selfie.

"Are Siannise and Luke T okay?" the worried follower asked. "I noticed she changed the caption from a really long one about keeping someone who sets your soul on fire to just a heart."

The mystery Reddit user shared a screenshot of the post alongside their question, as other fans chimed in to admit they too were worried.

A second chimed in they had noticed things on their "joint clothing" account had been quiet "for a long time" as they hadn't posted since April.

"Kind of weird," the person wrote. "Noticed that nothing has happened with their joint clothing company for a long time, unless I'm missing something."

But despite the worry, other fans quickly headed to the comments section to insist she changed the caption because it was "too personal".

"Maybe she just posted it in the moment and then thought it was too personal and open and changed it," one commenter hit back.

Another mused: "This seems more like a personal thing that maybe she thought on reflection the caption was too personal or too cringey."

"Maybe she wanted to do a simple aesthetic – a lot of celebs do that where they simply so one sentence or an emoji," a third guessed.

While a fourth simply concluded: "I'd be very surprised if they broke up. They seem in it for the long haul."

It comes days after Siannise posted a cryptic Instagram quote about "fighting battles you don't know about" as she urged fans to "be kind".

Prior to the quotes, the 27-year-old star sparked concern among her followers as they claimed she looked "unrecognisable" in a new selfie.

Taking to her Instagram Story last night, the brunette beauty shared a social media post that read: "Understand this: You can sound confident and have anxiety.

"You can look healthy but feel like s**t. You can look happy and be miserable inside. You can be good looking and feel ugly.

"So be kind, because every person is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

Last month, fans claimed Siannise looked dramatically different as she posed with boyfriend Luke Trotman for a mirror selfie.

In the snap, the influencer wore a matching two-piece shorts and cardigan set as she stood in front of her beau, her hair tied back and a downcast look on her face.

Followers were distracted by how different she looked from her stint in the Love Island villa at the start of 2020.

One wrote: "She doesn't look well. Hope she's OK", as another wrote: "Oh no, this is so sad to see."

A third asked: "Whoa, is she okay?"

But fans were quick to hit back in the comments, with one writing: "Nothing is wrong with looking how Siannise looks."

Another added: "Unnecessary, get off her page. Simple."


Earlier this year, Siannise admitted that she was "mentally not as happy" after the show – hinting that she wishes she'd never gone on it.

Despite she and Luke still being loved up, and recently getting a puppy to join them in their London flat, Siannise shared her regrets.

In a brutally honest Instagram Q&A, the brunette beauty asked followers to make an assumption about her that she would respond to.

One fan wrote: "You miss your old life before all the fame from Love Island."

Siannise candidly replied: "True. I was very content and happy in my life before Love Island and I feel like mentally I'm not as happy.

"If I could turn back the clock I think I would have made a different decision – and I don't mean to sound ungrateful."

She added: "Mental health and happiness comes first for me always."

Worried fans then pointed out that she never would have met Luke if she didn't go on the show, which Siannise addressed in a subsequent post.

She wrote: "He was the only great thing to come out of it for me! Just wanted to clear that up. If I could have met him another way I would have."

The Bristol star went on to reassure her concerned fans that she is OK, penning: "I'm receiving such lush messages from you all!

"I am absolutely fine, just been feeling a bit burnt out the past few days. I always like to keep it real on here and not fool you into thinking I have the perfect life and that I'm happy all the time.

"I'm only human, I have my days! This third lockdown hasn't helped either, I'm finding it difficult. But I'll be back stronger."

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