Im A Celebs Chris Moyle says he broke isolation rules before entering camp

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    I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! star Chris Moyles revealed he broke isolation rules before he entered the jungle a few weeks ago.

    The 48-year-old became the latest celebrity to leave the jungle and appeared on his station Radio X for his first interview since being booted from the show.

    He didn't hold back when letting slip secrets about his time in the jungle and admitted the rules were broken before the show even started.

    As a known Leeds fan, it wasn't long before their 2-1 win over Liverpool came into conversation which occurred just before Chris went into isolation.

    The star admitted to the presenters that he actually managed to watch the football match, despite being under strict isolation rules.

    He explained: "You come to Australia and from the moment you land, you're in isolation so you're driven on your own to a house. They take your phone and iPad off you. The house has got 24 hour security as in someone is always there."

    "There's a massive fence at the bottom of the garden so you can't escape and you've got no contact with the outside world," he added.

    Letting in on his secret, Chris admitted he connected to the Wi-Fi and subscribed to the Australian sports channel which allowed him to watch the Premiere League and the Grand Prix.

    Chris went on to say that despite it being an amazing experience, he didn't conquer any fears and is likely one of the only celebrities that is more scared now than when he went in.

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