Hollyoaks' Marnie Nightingale in danger as she confronts drug lord Victor to save Juliet

HOLLYOAKS' Marnie Nightingale is set to put herself in danger to confront drug lord Victor and save Juliet.

In new scenes, viewers will see Marnie (Lysette Anthony) grow suspicious of her granddaughter's behaviour before deciding to take the dangerous dealer.

This comes after months of Juliet (Niamh Blackshaw) dealing drugs to students in the village and recruiting younger children to do so too.

In an episode next week, Nancy calls Marnie, Misbah and Mandy to Salon De Thé to discuss the drugs problem in their community.

And when Nancy lists the warning signs they need to be looking out for, Marnie recognises all of them in Juliet.

Alarmed, she sets to work and sneakily gets Victor’s number from Juliet’s phone and arranges to meet with him.

Underestimating Victor (Benjamin O'Mahony), she arranges to meet him outside The Loft, putting herself in grave danger.

While she survives the encounter, she is left seriously shaken and soon turns to Misbah (Harvey Virdi) for support.

Fans of the show will be eager to see the developments in the long-running County Lines drug running storyline.

It has been revealed that Sid Sumner is going to suffer a devastating and life-changing injury after a drugs binge.

The drug dealer – who is played by Billy Price in the Channel 4 soap – is set to have his life changed after taking a dangerous amount of ketamine, and becoming unaware of his surroundings, resulting in hospitalisation for a life-changing injury.

During the episode, Sid is feeling at his lowest, heart-broken and rejected, and turns to drugs as a last resort and a way to numb his pain.

This has devastating consequences for him and will be something that will seriously affect his life.

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