Gordon Ramsay looks windswept as he enjoys day at sea in Cornwall with wife Tana in his speedboat

GORDONRamsay looked windswept as he enjoyed a day at sea in Cornwall with wife Tana in his speedboat.

The celebrity chef, 53, shared his adrenaline-felled boat ride adventure with his 9.7 million followers.

Gordon posted a series of videos of the bumpy boat ride and even had time to pull some hilarious windswept faces.

The pair took some time off from their parenting duties to enjoy the thrilling speed boat ride.

The dad-of-five returned to Padstow for the holiday weekend to spend quality time with his family over the bank holiday weekend.  

Gordon was spotted yesterday enjoying a sunny bank holiday walk with Tana and one-year-old Oscar.

The Hell’s Kitchen star wore sunglasses as he strolled on the sand with his family.

The TV chef has a staggering three homes at his favourite seaside spot that amount to £10million, and each boasts lavish details like igloo cabins and waterfront views.

The 53-year-old moved to his £4.4 million home in Cornwall earlier this year amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He spent lockdown there with wife Tana and their five children – Meghan, 21, 20-year-old twins Holly and Jack, Tilly, 17, and Oscar, one.

But furious villagers kicked off for fear that the Ramsays may have brought the deadly virus with them from London.

Gordon bought the five-bedroom holiday home in 2015, and at the time it was the second most expensive sale in Cornwall.

The cook, who reported to be worth £113million, won an eight-month battle to modernise the 1920s home last July.

He got planning permission to knock it down and replace it with a main house and a smaller second pad.

While all that building work was going on, Ramsay splashed another cool £4million on a beach house in the nearby village of Trebetherick for the family to stay in.

Gordon also made the most of his recently renovated pool by giving son Oscar his first swimming lesson.

He beamed with pride as the one-year-old tot loved his time in the water.

Oscar and Gordon both laughed wildly as they roped in their poor dog Bruno for a swim who looked less than impressed at getting wet.

Gordon captioned the series of Instagram photos: "Swimming lessons Done !"

The swimming lessons happened in the family brand new impressive hill at their sprawling Cornwall mansion.

The uber modern feature is a beautiful addition to his sprawling home in Rock.

The pool can also be seen in aerial photos and sits in the centre of the property, which Gordon transformed last year.

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