Geri Horner can't watch The Crown as she's pals with Prince Harry – despite famously pinching his dad Charles' bum

GERI Horner has admitted she found Netflix series The Crown 'uncomfortable' to watch due to her friendship with Prince Harry.

The Spice Girl, 48, first made an impression on the Royal family when she infamously pinched Prince Charles' bottom at a Royal Gala event over two decades ago.

The feisty red head later solidified her friendship with the royal when she referred to him as an 'honorary Spice Boy' and has since become pals with a number of royals, including his son Prince Harry.

In light of her royal connection, Geri has shared what she makes of controversial drama The Crown, which portrays Charles (Josh O'Connor) as a heartless philanderer in the latest series.

"I watched a little bit of it but I feel uncomfortable doing so," she explains. "These people are still alive. There's something about it which doesn't sit right.

"We have a lot of choice, there are a lot of other amazing programmes out there we could be watching. 

"It's beautifully shot but I don't connect with it. I feel it's someone's mother, is that right that it should become someone's entertainment?"

Now a devoted mum of two, married to F1 boss Christian Horner, Geri has worked tirelessly as a UN Goodwill Ambassador after quitting Britain’s most successful girl band.

The artist formerly known as Ginger Spice, works for various charities behind the scenes, and last week secretly visited the Whittington hospital in north London, to hand out surprise packages to frontline nurses.

In the midst of a pandemic, the NHS is a cause close to her heart.

She says: “When I was nineteen years old I discovered a lump in my breast. 

"It was a frightening experience, and I was put in a ward with lots of different kinds of women at the Watford general hospital. 

"This is when I first discovered the wonderful NHS, they were kind and reassuring, and held my hand throughout."

She adds: "Thankfully the result was benign – but from that day on, I really felt huge gratitude towards our health system.

"I was then reminded of the brilliant NHS when I had Monty, who is now three; I received great support from a NHS mid wife called Tallulah, who was just adorable and hard working.

"She was very humble and I know she was struggling in life to pay her bills – she hasn’t had a pay rise in seven years," the singer shares.

"It makes me so sad because I feel like all carers like Tallulah, who work so hard for us, need to be rewarded and cared for."

Geri admits two people close to her have battled coronavirus, including one colleague who had to be hospitalised and "almost died".

Fittingly for a self-confessed "friend of the gays", Geri recently launched her "Rainbow Woman" brand and YouTube channel. 

Some of her visit to the nurses will be shown on next weekend’s show, whilst this weeks episode sees the star waterskiing – a sport she first took up when having her heart broken a few years ago.

While the rainbow is the commonly used flag of the gay community, Geri says the name reflects "every colour within, the way the world embraces everyone."

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