Five huge EastEnders spoilers for this week including Zack and Martin's shock baby drama

ZACK Hudson and Martin Fowler are shocked out of their skin when a baby lands on their doorstep this week in EastEnders.

Here’s the lowdown on this week from the BBC One soap…

1. Stacey returns 

Jean plans a party for Stacey’s return and appeals to Suki to fix the boiler, but she’s irritated when she gets an unhelpful response.

Later, Jean’s party kicks off and Stacey soon appears.

It’s not long before Stacey starts causing trouble as she heads around to the Panesars and appeals to Kheerat to urge Suki to fix the boiler.

She’s fuming when he says no, and steals his keys and later breaks into the Panesar’s to shower.

Soon, the Panesars realise someone has been in their house and notice that Jags’ watch is missing.

Disaster strikes when Suki storms in on a meeting between Stacy and her probation officer and accuses her of stealing. 

She also presents the Slaters with an eviction notice. 

2. Stacey rejects Martin

After the party, Martin opens up to Zack about his unresolved feelings for Stacey and he encourages her to go for it.

Martin decides to reveal his feelings, but Stacey stops him in his tracks by revealing a huge bombshell.

What could it be?

3. Aaron threatens Kat

Viewers know that Harvey recently made a racist comment towards Ash Panesar after she threw up in his car, which cost the cab driver his job.

Next week, Harvey’s son Aaron decides to take matters into his own hands when Harvey struggles to find a job. 

When Aaron says he’s going to speak to Kat, Harvey is clearly wary of his son, but Aaron insists and storms over to threaten Kat for unfair dismissal of his dad. 

Will Aaron make things a whole lot worse?

4. Zack steals Martin’s identity  

Sharon is shocked when she's approached by an angry stranger called Neil, who reveals his daughter has been left heartbroken by Zack.

Sharon covers for Zack but later berates him and asks him whether his behaviour has anything to do with his recent breakup with Nancy.

Later, Zack panics when Neil tries to confront him and pretends to be Martin instead. 

However, his lies have disastrous consequences when the case of mistaken identities leaves both him and Martin in big trouble. 

5. Zack and Martin get a shock

Sharon offers to take Martin and Zack out for dinner to cheer them up following the disastrous turn of events.

However, the pair receive another blow when they return home and find a surprise on their doorstep – a 1-year-old baby with a note ‘Alyssa is yours, please take care of her’.

The big question is: who is the father?

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