Emilia Clarke Left With Straw Hair After Game of Thrones Due to Extreme Bleaching

The Daenerys Targaryen depicter warns fans against bleaching their hair and encourages them to wear a wig or use extensions if they want to give themselves a different look.

AceShowbizEmilia Clarke claims her “Game of Thrones” role ruined her hair – because of the extreme bleaching used to make her hair blonde. The 36-year-old actress starred as Daenerys Targaryen in the HBO fantasy series – based on George R. R. Martin’s novels – and lit up the screen with her shocking long blonde locks.

The British actress is a natural brunette in real-life and she admits the extensive colouring process left her strands less than luscious.

Speaking to BAZAAR.com, she said, “My advice to anyone who wants to bleach their hair is don’t do it; it ruins your hair, so just stop bleaching it. If you want to have the blonde hair, just get a wig or pimp up hair with some highlights because it completely ruined my hair.”

Revealing the effect the bleaching process had on her hair, she added, “My hair felt like straw and was falling out. Then I cut it all off. The thing I’m most proud of getting my hair back to a good place. I do nothing crazy to it now and use really beautiful products.”

“I get a bit of lighter colour put through my hair sometimes and I love that. I love Virtue; I swear by their shampoo, hair mask, and root-lifting product. I also have a Dyson hairdryer. I really try and take care of it. But after bleaching my hair, I am learning to embrace my natural hair.”

Emilia tends to keep her hair dark and in a bob these days, and says the best way to change up styles is to use extensions to give herself a different look when required.

She said, “I have a hairdresser in England and he’s amazing and I have Jenny Cho in America, who’s is also fantastic. My favorite kind of look is when they add clip-in extensions, especially for a red carpet. It looks so sleek and beautiful. I love doing a really high ponytail with lots of extensions. It feels very drama.”

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