Coronation Street theory: Jacob Hay arrested after risky Eileen Grimshaw mistake

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Jacob Hay (played by Jack James Ryan) has come a long way in the past few weeks on Coronation Street. Since getting together with Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) he has secured a job at Underworld and stopped dealing drugs. However, it looks as though the character may end up getting arrested after making a mistake with Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver). 

In upcoming scenes, Amy and Jacob start to worry about their broken boiler and wonder when they will be able to take a warm shower. 

Later on, Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) realises she has left Tracy Barlow’s (Kate Ford) order book at home and asks Jacob if he could stop by and pick it up for her as a favour. 

While there, Jacob takes the opportunity to take a shower for a much-needed freshen up. 

However, he is caught in nothing but a towel by Eileen who arrives home as Jacob is finishing his shower. 

A horrified Eileen lets out a huge scream and threatens to call the police. 

How will Jacob be able to get out of this difficult situation?

Will the troubled character explain to Eileen that his boiler’s broken and he’s been desperate to have a shower?

With his dodgy track record, Eileen might not believe the youngster and decide to report him to the police. 

Could Jacob be arrested for indecent exposure or breaking and entering? 

The character has been trying his hardest to impress his bosses at Underworld and make his relationship with Amy work, but he has been on the police’s radar for a long time and might not be believed if Eileen reports him. 

If Amy does not believe Jacob and she breaks up with him, will it send him on a downwards spiral which will see him revert to drug dealing?

Jacob actor James recently opened up about a storyline he would love for his character, and it is one inspired by his real life. 

“I like the idea of being able to tell stories that I have personal experience with,” he told Inside Soap. 

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“When I was 18, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer – I’m fine and in remission now.

“But when I found out, the doctor said that it was common for young men and I had never heard that before. 

“I’d really love to find a way of telling a story like that for Jacob and opening the conversation.”

Jacob is becoming increasingly popular among Coronation Street fans who would undoubtedly be gutted if he was put behind bars. 

Many fans have flocked to Twitter to comment on their adoration for the character, with Andy Gibson gushing: “Jacob Hay is slowly becoming one of my favourites in @ITVCorrie. I’m warming to him each and every day.”

Michelle Jones remarked: “Jacob is one of the very few likeable characters in the street. #Corrie”

Craig added: “Why has Jacob become so likeable? #Corrie.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV. 

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