Coronation Street theory: Abi Franklin heartbroken as Toyah Battersby adopts baby Alfie

Corrie: Abi Franklin reveals she needs to tell Kevin something

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Abi (played by Sally Carman) has been fighting for custody of her son, alongside his father, Imran Habeeb (Charlie De Melo), for weeks on Coronation Street after she gave birth to Alfie not realising she was pregnant. Toyah (Georgia Taylor) had no idea the youngster was her partner’s child until Friday night’s instalment of the ITV soap saw the secret blown out the water when Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) sent his neighbour a picture of the boy’s birth certificate. In upcoming scenes, Toyah will struggle to accept her relationship has fallen apart and her chances of being a mother have been taken away from her but she could come up with a plan to ensure she does have her own baby.

The actor who plays Imran, Charlie, spoke with and other media, teasing Toyah could go on to adopt Alfie.

Although his character and Abi have been getting on recently in the custody fight over their son, Charlie explained: “There’s every reason to suspect Abi of being problematic as a parent.

“When she was introduced as a character onto the street, I think her first scene was her being kicked awake by Seb.

“I think there were used needles all over the place. Both Sally Carmen and the writing team have done an incredible job of giving her an arc that has taken her away from that, but it is still there.

“I think any person that has suffered an addiction would tell you that you never beat it, it’s a fight every day, and [Abi]’s had a lot of bad news of late so all it would take is something to make that fight all the harder and as the father in this situation, that would be a huge concern.”

As well as Imran’s concerns over Abi being the mother of his son, Charlie also addressed what it would be like when the two women go head to head.

The actor explained: “Two two squaring up against each other is inevitably going to happen because it’s a Chekhov’s Gun kind of situation.

“We’ve already set it all up and if the gun doesn’t go off, and that’s no good.

“That will be a huge thrill to see them [go head to head] because it’s just two people that are fantastic at their job, being fantastic at their job.

“It’s going to be a huge shake-up and I think particularly for Toyah because she’s been so good at facilitating and being the voice of reason.”

Incredibly painful thing for Toyah

Charlie De Melo

Charlie continued: “But [Toyah has had] her problems with [fertility] over the years and she has [a family] which she has coveted and wanted so much.

“The fact Imran is able to just make this mistake and the one thing he regrets is the one thing she has wanted so much.

“It’s going to be an incredibly painful thing for Toyah to have to deal with,” he added but this could be a teaser of what’s to come.

As it seems Imran representing Abi is going to have a detrimental impact on her adopting their foster daughter because he is the baby’s father, Toyah will want a child regardless.

Knowing someone needs to take care of Alfie and the courts have ruled Abi is not capable of providing a safe and stable home for him, Toyah could make the request to adopt the baby.

This way, she would still have a piece of the family she wanted with Imran without the lawyer actually being a present figure in her life.

With the child being a baby as well, she would raise him from birth and give him everything she would have given her own child.

Alfie would be hers in Toyah’s mind and not wanting Abi to be a part of his life, she could make plans to move away.

The mechanic would be heartbroken she would never get to see her son again, given three of her four children have already been taken away from her.

If Toyah were to be given the go-ahead to adopt the child, she would be his mother and so Abi would have no say in what happens to him.

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After trying to stay off the drink and the drugs to get her son back, this could lead Abi into another relapse as she is unable to process her loss.

Imran would be devastated to see the carnage he has caused for putting himself first and not always thinking of the bigger picture.

The actor explained: “I think he’s far more selfish than he would let on.

“I think he presents himself as heroic, and he wants to be seen as heroic, but I don’t think anything he does is selfless, in regards to his white knight syndrome of wanting to protect the innocent and be the one that supplies justice to the street.

“He’s shown that when he has done wrong to the people he professes to love, he does everything he can to avoid responsibility.

“He will duck away, he’ll hide, he’ll lie. Even with the legendary Rita, he tried to slip one past her. It’s the markings of someone who is self-serving.”

But could he finally think of others when he allows Toyah to adopt his child, agreeing he won’t be a part of the child’s life?

If he were to take custody of Alfie, the lawyer would be reminded on a daily basis of all the pain and hurt he has caused.

Whereas, if he knows the boy will be raised by Toyah, his son will get the best chance of living a normal life away from any sort of drama.

“That’s not something he can hide from or put onto somebody else. This is now his responsibility, and this is something he is going to have to step up and take control of. He can’t lie his way out of it,” Charlie said.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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