'90 Day Fiancé': Armando Says His Parents' First Time Meeting Kenneth Was 'Terrifying'

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans may be worried about Jihoon’s employment status, but Armando and Kenneth’s love story has some viewers enchanted.

As the series’ first male same-sex couple, they were genuinely nervous about sharing their lives in front of the TLC audience and their own families.

Particularly for Armando, it was difficult coming out to hisparents. Though season 2 is only two episodes in, many fansare moved by his journey and can’t wait to see the rest unfold. But it won’tbe easy.

Armando discussed his sexuality with his parents

In the June 22 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way,viewers watched Armando have an emotional talk with his mom and dad about hissexuality. He said they hadn’t discussed him being gay in three years, but hedidn’t want them to stay in denial.

With tears in his eyes, he explained to them that he avoidedthe subject because he didn’t want people to talk about them. Armando sharedhow he understood that acceptance may take some time, but for him, it’s beenpainful to feel like his parents didn’t love him.

His mother sobbed and got up to hug him, reassuring him thathe’s loved. It was a touching moment in the show. Armando then broke the news abouthis relationship with Kenneth (an American) and their plans to move hours awaywith his daughter.

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Armando and Kenneth open up about meeting the parents

Meeting the parents can be a nerve-racking experience fornew couples, and that was true for Armando and Kenneth for a few reasons. The pairrecently sat down for a chat with PeopleTV and spoke a little about the momentsleading up to Kenneth’s first meet.

Armando admitted that his parents are still taking theirtime getting used to things. When asked about their interaction with Kenneth,he said going in, he was terrified.

“You’ll be able to see that later on in the show. It wasterrifying. The moment we lived — Kenneth coming into my home — it was one ofthe… I think, even harder things that I had to through as well. And again, you’llbe able to see that on the show. It’s something you will all have to tune infor, for sure.”

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Kenneth shared what was hard for him

As a father of four, Kenneth felt the pangs of leaving his family so he could travel to Mexico. He said because he has a large close-knit family back home, he was hoping for the same vibe with Armando’s.

Kenneth stated the biggest hurdle was walking into the unknown, but fans will see how that plays out in the next episode. They both added it wasn’t all roses, but they’re still together in Mexico (under quarantine).

The couple promised viewers that they’re being their true, authentic selves on the show, and we’ll get to watch them work through their relationship struggles and witness their growth. Catch 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way on Mondays at 9 p.m. EST.

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