1899 creators confirm plans for future seasons of Netflix mystery

1899: Trailer for period thriller series from Netflix

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German creators Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are best known for their acclaimed sci-fi series Dark and have now teamed up with Netflix for yet another mind-boggling drama. This time, the mystery is set in 1899 aboard a steamship travelling to New York City, and the writers have confirmed future seasons could follow a similar format to their first cryptic series.

Warning – this article contains spoilers for the first season of 1899.

Jantje and Baran have revealed they plan to follow up 1899 with two more seasons to wrap up the mystery.

The first season of their latest perplexing sci-fi offering for Netflix introduced viewers to a group of European migrants travelling to New York on the steamship Kerberos.

As their journey heads into increasingly perilous waters, they soon discover the ship contains a dark secret and their lives aren’t what they thought they were.

In the season finale, The Key, Maura Franklin (played by Emily Beecham) makes a startling discovery about her reality, and the race is on to free her fellow passengers.

While Netflix has yet to give the second season of 1899 the green light, the co-creators are confident viewers will eventually get to the bottom of the mystery.

“It does feel a little bit like an 1899 historical drama piece, but something is off,” Jantje explained.

“What we constantly do is play with expectations. You read a code and you expect something and you feel safe in that.”

“You think you figured it out? We’re breaking that expectation, and then hopefully giving you a satisfactory answer.

“At least at the end of season three, but hopefully already during the very first season.”

By the end of the season, it becomes clear the action isn’t actually set in 1899 after Maura wakes up on a starship 200 years in the future.

However, could she still be trapped in yet another simulation? Viewers will undoubtedly be kept on their toes about the truth right up until the final episode.

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In the meantime, the creators are hopeful they delivered a satisfying conclusion by the end of the first outing and confirmed they’re planning to wrap up the story in season three.

“We are giving a big answer in episode seven in season one,” Baran told IndieWire.

“It’s not a constant, ‘Yeah, we fool you’ and then you see it in season three.

“Season 1 is about establishing a big theme, a big thing. Let’s see if there’s a season two, and then we’ll start playing with that theme.”

“And [we’ll] have a resolution ideally in the third season. Again it’s, like Dark, meant to be told in three seasons.”

Dark’s increasingly bewildering conundrums unfolded over a trilogy of seasons from 2017 to 2020, and it looks like 1899 will do the same.

Netflix hasn’t confirmed when or if a second season will be released just yet, but hopefully fans will discover what happens after that jaw-dropping cliffhanger in the near future.

1899 season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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