Why Aimee Lou Wood’s “frantic” Baftas speech has won the hearts of viewers

Here’s why the star of Netflix’s Sex Education won’t be sharing her Bafta as she previously promised…

When Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood won the award for Best Female Performance In A Comedy Programme at the 2021 Baftas, the Netflix star made sure to accept it with a genuinely hilarious speech.

“Oh my god, thank you so much,” she star said, smacking her lips as she noted that she’d been wearing her face mask all evening at the socially-distanced event.

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“Now, I said that I’d break [this award] into pieces and share it with everyone,” Wood continued. Which, for all those who somehow didn’t get that ultra-millennial reference, was a clear call-back to the moment Mean Girls’ Cady Heron broke her Spring Fling queen crown into pieces and used them to celebrate all the other girls around her. 

Bafta TV awards 2021 red carpet: Aimee Lou Wood.

Unfortunately, however, Wood’s benevolent plans fell flat when she saw (and felt the weight of) the award IRL.

“It’s solid, Daisy [Haggard],” she called out to one of her fellow nominees. 

“It’s solid! So I’ll give you a metaphorical piece to everyone in my category, especially Emma Mackie who’s the best scene partner and best friend…”

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Wood then went on to list off a number of people she’d like to thank (including the cast, the crew, her mum, her nanna, and “the whole shebang!”), before stopping with a start and noting: “Sorry, I’m meant to be doing this to a camera, aren’t I, Richard?”

Looking around wildly, she added comedically: “I don’t even know where it is.”

Check it out:

No wonder so many people are calling her win “utterly deserved,” eh?

The 2021 TV Baftas is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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