Voice of the Mirror: Tories turn blind eye to bullying as Priti Patel clings on

Tories in a Priti pickle

Tories turning a blind eye to bullying means every day Priti Patel clings on as Home Secretary is another day Boris Johnson shows his party and Government are abandoning high standards.

The PM’s defence of his beleaguered Minister makes a mockery of the Cabinet Office inquiry into her behaviour, Downing Street effectively clearing the aggressive Patel in advance.

Claims a civil servant who took an overdose was ignored by the Party adds to the growing impression that the Tories are quick to accuse other parties of wrongdoing, but ignore ­unacceptable behaviour in their own ranks.

When complaints against the Home ­Secretary are heard from three departments, it increasingly sounds as if she is far more than just an assertive right-winger.

Bullying is counter-productive as well as wrong. Johnson sticking by Patel is a self-defeating act he’ll deservedly come to regret.

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Sick pay vital

No one should miss out on sick pay or millions might be forced to go to work just to survive while suffering from the ­coronavirus – furthering its spread.

Unless the lowest paid, people on zero hours and the self-employed are covered, the Government is creating a dangerous hole in defences against an unpredictable threat.

Delaying the release of the new Bond movie, No Time To Die, is a relatively small move in the grand scheme of precautions, but, ­nevertheless, very telling.

Our lives will, no doubt, be disrupted over the next few months. Losing as few lives as possible to Covid-19 is the ultimate goal.

Sipping pints of Guinness after paying their respects to those who died fighting for independence from Britain is a significant move from the heir to the UK throne and his wife in the Republic of Ireland.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit represents the warm friendship between two neighbours who were once enemies.

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