Top-Paid Youtube Star MrBeast Launches New Burger Chain

22-year-old YouTuber MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is tapping into his 49.3 million subscribers to open his own burger chain across America.

With estimated earnings of $24 million USD and amassing over three billion views, MrBeast is the second-highest paid YouTuber in the world, only a few million under nine-year-old toy reviewer, Ryan Kaji. His videos are a mix of humor and hours-long stunts. Over the years he has added last-person-to-leave challenges to his repertoire, where he gives out thousands of dollars to winners. MrBeast’s attention-grabbing stunts include giving away free cars, doling out thousands of dollars to deserving families and people such as waitresses and Uber drivers, and even donating to smaller Twitch streamers. By 2018, he had given out $1 million USD and was named YouTube‘s biggest philanthropist.

His viral videos have been a large help to his success in marketing his own merchandise, so it comes as no surprise that the launch of MrBeast Burger was done with the help of his loyal subscribers. In true MrBeast style, he launches the new restaurant chain through his most charitable way, giving people money to try his burger for free.

The YouTuber opened his first location in North Carolina and drew in long lines for over 20-miles as people queued for the burger. With every order, MrBeast gave away $100 USD of cash, and even some iPads along the way. At one point, he gifted a fan a whole new car since it was sideswiped while in line for the burgers. It is important to note that his over-the-top generosity was not just for a viral video. For every burger purchased, a small donation will be made to help feed hungry families across America.

Opening 300 restaurants nationwide immediately places MrBeast Burger as a considerable contender in the fast-food chain industry. To compare, Shake Shackis only nearing 300 outlets and In-N-Out Burger is approaching 400. However, the operating logic behind the new burger chain includes a delivery-only brand where orders are made either via the MrBeast Burger app or other delivery apps such as UberEats, Doordash, Grubhub, and Postmates. Shortly after it was launched, the MrBeast Burger app was the most downloaded on iTunes and Google Play, becoming one of the top five most popular Google searches. Classic style smashburgers, grilled cheese, chicken tender sandwiches, and crinkle fries are all a staple on the menu. Other delectable items include the Beast Style Fries and Beast Style burger.

Check out MrBeast Burger’s tweet below to find out where orders can be placed or visit MrBurger Beast for more information on where to download the app.

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