Thousands of shoppers are hailing this electric foot file a 'god send'

Embarrassed by calloused, scaly feet? Shoppers describe this electric foot file as a ‘god send’ for getting rid of hard, dry skin in no time at all – and it’s now on sale for £13.59

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If you’re reluctant to get your summer sandals out for fear of calluses, corns and cracked dry heels, then it’s time to take action. 

For an effective way to remove dry and hard skin build-up on your feet, and fast, it might be wise to follow the thousands who swear by the BOMPOW Electronic Foot File. 

This foot file powerfully sloughs away dead, rough skin to leave your feet looking smooth, soft and healthy. And it does so in minutes. Plus, it’s now on sale for £13.59 (was £19.99) on Amazon – that’s a handy saving of £6.40.  

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have been blown away by the impressive results from using the BOMPOW Electronic Foot File, which is now on sale for just £13.59 

If you’re embarrassed about the condition of your feet and a simple foot file isn’t cutting it, then it’s time to bring out the big guns. 

The BOMPOW Electric Foot File is a quick and easy way to get rid of dry, rough skin, banishing any embarrassment and panic during sandal season. 

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have bought and loved the electric foot file, raving about the impressive results and claiming it ‘removes it a treat’ and ‘transforms feet’. 

An electronic foot file can be the next best thing to a professional pedicure, restoring dry, cracked and calloused heels to their soft and silky, summertime state.

The BOMPOW Electric Foot File has two roller heads, one to remove dead skin and another more coarse roller for more troublesome cracked heels, as well as dual speeds to gently yet forcefully remove callus and hard skin in minutes.

The removable roller heads can be easily cleaned after each use, while the handy rechargeable battery means you can pop it in your bag and take it with you on holiday.

The electric foot file removes hard skin effortlessly, with some Amazon shoppers claiming they see results after just one use 

While the brand may not a household name like Scholl, many shoppers say the BOMPOW Electronic Foot File outperforms pricier gadgets   

‘This hard skin remover does exactly the same as the scholl hard skin remover for half the price’ raved one shopper in their review on Amazon. 

Another reviewer added: ‘Summer sandal ready in a flash. Fabulous! Easy to use and very effective! Done in no time at all! I’ve found the white roller sufficient for my feet.’

A third penned: ‘It did exactly as I hoped it would. My heels are smooth and I’ve only had to use it the once. It took about 10 minutes per heel and my feet are now fine. I’ve only had to use it once since I purchased it.’ 

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