The nations favourite Royal Family member has been named – and its not Kate or Meghan

Royal family popularity 'rides on Queen's popularity' says expert

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A new survey commissioned by i heart Wines revealed that the British public are keen to dine with the Royal Family more than any other public figures. The survey represents the thoughts of 1,000 UK adults aged 18 and above on the topic of entertaining. Respondents were asked who their dream dinner party guest was.

Members of the Royal Family were the most popular.

Her Majesty the Queen received 11 percent of the votes.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton received a similar 10 percent.

She beat her husband by one percent.

Prince William was nine percent of Britons’ guest of honour.

The results are in keeping with a recent survey conducted by YouGov, which was published in April this year.

1,730 were asked about their feelings towards the Royal Family.

Queen Elizabeth II was voted the most popular royal.

She saw an improvement in popularity: 85 percent of the public had a positive opinion of the Queen in mid-April, as opposed to 80 percent in mid-March.

64 percent of Britons do not want the 95-year-old Queen to retire and want her to remain in her role for the rest of her life.

Kate Middleton is also extremely popular among Britons.

10 percent of them want her at their dinner party.

Perhaps they want to share some Italian food or sushi with the Duchess, which Hello Magazine reports are some of her favourite cuisines.

In the same YouGov survey that reported the popularity increase of the Queen, Kate’s popularity rose from 73 percent positive to 78 percent.

Kate’s husband Prince William is also a favourite for Britons as a dinner party guest.

According to Hello Magazine, the Duke of Cambridge loves the chocolate biscuit cake he ate as a child in the royal kitchens of Buckingham Palace.

He even requested the cake at his wedding.

Considering the YouGov results, it is unsurprising that Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle did not rank as popular dinner party guests.

49 percent of the public dislike Harry.

And 61 percent of those surveyed dislike Meghan.

Popular presenter of This Morning Holly Willoughby was voted top TV personality to have round for dinner.

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