The Golden Ratio Says Ferrari's Monza SP1 Is the World's Most Beautiful Car

You don’t need science and mathematics to decide which car is the most beautiful in the world, but that’s exactly what the automotive publication Carwow has done. Using the 2,500-year-old mathematic Golden Ratio, Carwow analyzed 197 of the world’s most powerful performance cars from the last 70 years to decide which car was the most beautiful, and it eventually landed on crowing Ferrari‘s Monza SP1 from 2019.

The Golden Ratio is a method used to measure “perfect proportions,” something that the Monza SP1 has in abundance. Furthermore, the findings revealed that the limited-to-500 machine is “the closest performance car in the world to mathematical design perfection,” presenting a ratio of 61.75 percent.

Ferrari’s Monza SP1 is the only car in the top ten designed in the last decade, with second place being awarded to the Ford GT40, third to Ferrari’s 330 GTC Speciale, and from fourth to tenth, we see the Lotus Elite, Ferrari 250 GTO, Chevrolet Corvette C2 (Stingray), Ferrari 330 P4, Alfa Romeo Alfetta, Lamborghini Miura, and the Maserati Indy rank respectively.

The car’s beauty was deciphered using the Golden Ratio in a similar way that you’ll find it within Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, plotting 14 unique points on the front-on view of each car at areas such as the headlights, the wing mirrors and the corners of the windscreen. The distance was measured between each of these points and then inputted into a computer to determine how close they were to the Golden Ratio.

In short, Carwow revealed that four of Ferrari’s cars landed in the top ten most beautiful supercars in the world. To see the full list of 100, head over to Carwow’s website.

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