The Best Bath & Body Works Candle Scents, Ranked

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Those who’ve spent any time at a Bath & Body Works know the brand has mastered the art of making delicious-smelling stuff. Their stores are loaded with decadently fragrant hand soaps, body creams, and shower gels — and perhaps most inviting is their array of rich, luscious candles. Step into a Bath & Body Works, and you’ll soon realize the challenge isn’t finding a candle worth buying — it’s deciding which of the many worthy Bath & Body Works candles you’ll be spending money on today. (For those wondering, there are literally hundreds of candles for sale in Bath & Body Works’ online store right now. And if reviews are any indication, just about all of them are delightful.)

Given the sheer number of lovely candles Bath & Body Works has on offer, choosing which scent you want to commit to can actually be kind of hard. Which fragrance is worth filling your room with? Which aroma do you want to come home to at the end of a long day? Which smell is so delightful that you won’t grow tired of it — even after burning it for hours on end?

These questions become even harder to answer when you’re shopping online. Candles are often cute enough to serve as decor, but their chief function is fragrance. If you can’t smell the thing in person, how could you possibly be expected to know whether or not you like it?

Thankfully, Bath & Body Works boasts a robust review system — one that makes sifting through all that abundance a whole lot easier. Customers who have bought these candles, lit these candles, and smelled these candles first-hand are all over the Bath & Body Works website describing exactly what these fragrances are like in real life. And since all the ratings are pooled, figuring out which Bath & Body Works candles are best is a generally easy question to answer — these candles that have received more than 4.5 stars after 10+ ratings should be a pretty great place to start.


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