Sylvester Stallone Auctions Off Original Items From Rambo And Rocky

Going once…Going twice…Sold! 75-year old Hollywood movie star, Sylvester Stallone, known for his action-packed scenes and unyielding machismo, is planning to auction off some of the movie memorabilia from a few of his most iconic franchises on December 5. The California-based auction house, Julian’s Auctions, will be auctioning over 500 items and props from movies like Rocky and Rambo. This is excellent news for die-hard ‘Rocky’ fans who have been dreaming of owning an article used by Stallone. The live auction will include various articles from The Life and Career of Sylvester Stallone, including props, costumes, original scripts, and many other original artifacts.

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According to TMZ, one such item, in particular, includes the actual boxing gloves used by Sly when he portrayed the boxing champion, Rocky Balboa, in Rocky III. According to Mail Online, the red and white leather Tuf-Wear gloves are estimated between $10,000-$20,000, making them one of the priciest items. as well as the training gloves from Rocky Balboa. Although more recent, boxing gloves from the Creed installments are also on sale, autographed by the original Rocky Balboa!

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Also as part of the collection are more personal items, such as the SS boxing mouthguard used in the first installment of the Rocky franchise. Hopefully, it remains on the shelf of whoever decides to purchase this piece. Also up for grabs are Stallone’s original notebooks filled with handwritten ideas, brainstorming, and development ideas he conjured for the first four movie installments. This might be an inspiration for the next movie director to produce another classic boxing film!

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But these items are merely scratching the surface of what’s waiting for the gavel to sound. For the fans interested in the more renegade character of Rambo, there are prop guns for sale, like the assault rifle from Rambo: First Blood II. Or the like the stunt pistol used in Assasins when Stallone starred as Robert Rarh beside Antonio Banderas.

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Unlike the prop guns, this next item used in Rambo: First Blood is actually lethal in real life, and therefore should be handled with caution. The vintage crossbow seen in the 1985 film is also on the table and is signed by Stallone. The prop machetes and knives which were also used by John Rambo in Rambo are up for sale, equipped with a holding case for safety.

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Fans won’t forget Demolition Man, which saw Stallone alongside Sandra Bullock and Wesley Snipes. Well, the snazzy costume worn by Judge Dredd and designed by Gianni Versace, is also available to the public. Other props like the Rambo head tie, cross necklace worn by John Rambo, Luminor Panerai watches used in The Expendables, and the Air Jordan boots worn in Creed are all going to be showcased at the auction on December 5.

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