Stylist reveals how to make stylish baubles from balloons for tree

Upgrade your Christmas tree for less: Stylist reveals how you can make stylish baubles from balloons

  • A TikToker has shared her clever affordable hack to refurbish old decorations
  • The woman covers her old baubles in colourful balloons to give them a new life
  • Millions have watched the home stylists videos and were left very impressed 

A Christmas enthusiast has revealed her affordable hack to give old Christmas decorations a new lease of life this year. 

British home styling guru and ‘queen of hacks’, who is known as @tanyahomeinspo on TikTok, recently revealed how she refurbishes old baubles for her tree by wrapping them in different coloured balloons.

Nearly 10 million people have viewed the ingenious ‘balloon trick’ video on TikTok since it was first uploaded.

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A UK home styling TikToker, who is known as @tanyahomeinspo on TikTok, has revealed her top money-saving Christmas decoration tip

The woman wraps old baubles in balloons to make them look like new decorations. Millions of TikTok users fell in love with the tip, saying it will allow them to change decoration theme much more cheaply

To make the budget decoration Tanya first removes the ribbon from her Christmas tree bauble.

She then cuts half of the long end off of the balloon, and wraps the balloon around the bauble.

To complete the design she seamlessly puts the ribbon back on the bauble, leaving it looking like a brand new decoration. 

Thousands loved Tanya’s affordable hack.

‘Fantastic idea if you want to change your colour scheme every year,’ one inspired woman said.

‘Omg I may have to do this… I want to change my colour scheme but don’t wanna buy all new,’ another wrote.

‘Bonus when they fall and break, its already in an easy to dispose bag,’ another commented.

‘Omg genius! My husband said I need to stop changing the theme and wasting money,’ another wrote.

How to refurbish old Christmas tree baubles in three steps: 

 1. Remove the ribbon from the Christmas tree bauble

2. Cut half of the long end off of the balloon, and wrap the balloon around the bauble

3. Put the ribbon back on the bauble, leaving it looking like a brand new decoration

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The woman came up with another money-saving Christmas decoration balloon hack.

She blows up shiny blue balloons and puts them on the inside of her Christmas tree to make the tree look fuller.

The clever decorator said that hack ‘just makes so much sense’.

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