Spoilers: Huge Finn twist and the aftermath of the island horror in Neighbours

It’s the aftermath of one of the biggest weeks ever to hit Ramsay Street. Will our Neighbours ever be the same again? Reality hits as families start to come to terms with the deaths of loved ones, and the ripple effect of the devastation of what happened continues on in ways that could never have been expected.

The islanders return to the street to face what has happened to them and the gravity of the situation sinks in – what they’ve lost, how close they came to lose so much more, and what could still be at stake.

But things are set to escalate once again. If they thought the ordeal was over, they were wrong. Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) finds herself in a dire situation when she’s at the mercy of Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) when he takes her hostage. Things escalate further when he takes her to a secluded cabin and digs her a grave – does he plan to bury her alive?

Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) and Kyle Canning (Chris Mulligan) are together facing life without Gary (Damien Richardson) after his tragic death. Will they be able to cope?

And Harlow Robinson’s (Jemma Donovan) world comes crashing down when she learns not only that her mum Prue (Denise Van Outen) is dead, but how and why she died.

Here are the huge spoilers for the week ahead.

Finn kidnaps Susan and digs her grave

After the horror of the island, Finn races back to RamseyStreet to enact the next part of his plan – he targets Susan and tells her thatBea is staying at a cabin in the Snowy Mountains trying to get over theirbreakup and that she needs Susan as a shoulder to cry on. Susan readily agreesbut realises she’s walked into a trap when she finds Aster is in the car. Sheknows her life is now at risk. Finn kidnaps her and traps her in the cabinwhile he busies himself digging a grave outside. Is he going to kill her?

The aftermath of the island

The island horror is over and the island goers are returningto the safety of back home. Harlow is rushed to hospital and placed in aninduced coma, Bea needs surgery on her broken leg, and Toadie is treated forconcussion and exhaustion. Will life for the Ramsay Street lot ever be the sameagain?

The Cannings face Gary’s death

The Cannings are hit with the devastating news of Gary’s death. Kyle is the one to break the news to Xanthe who is left destroyed by it all, and vows to stay in Queensland away from reminders of Finn. Their friends try to rally around and support them, but Sheila is struggling. How is a mother meant to come to terms with the loss of her son? She desperately waits for the results of his autopsy but when she finally receives them, Kyle is left wracked with guilt. Will he ever be able to forgive himself?

Elly faces Finn

Susan makes a failed escape attempt and Finn ups his game in ensuring she doesn’t do it again. He sets to work on digging the hole to bury her in while all Susan can to is await her fate. He doesn’t bank on Elly arriving to rescue her aunt, who races to get Susan out of there. But she cannot let Finn get away with this. Though Susan begs her to let it go, Elly goes back to face him…

Harlow learns the truth about Prue’s death

Hendrix tries to visit Harlow in hospital but he incurs Paul’s wrath. He thinks Hendrix is entirely to blame for the situation, Harlow would never have been in danger if Hendrix hadn’t lured her to the island to have sex with him. Harlow is brought out of her coma and David warns she is not strong enough to be told about Prue’s death. Hendrix sneaks in to see her and manages to keep the secret, but Harlow accidentally listens to the last voicemail from Prue, one that ends with a bang. She finds out what happened in the worst possible way. Paul and Terese relent and fill her in and Harlow is devastated. Why would Finn want to hurt her mum? But as the investigation progresses, it becomes clear there is another reason for Prue’s death. Will Paul and Terese tell Harlow the truth?

Susan struggles in the aftermath

Susan is discharged from hospital and sets about looking after everyone else to distract herself from narrowly escaping being murdered by Finn. She gets rid of anything belonging to Finn and makes meals for the Cannings to keep them going. But Karl knows his wife, she’s at breaking point and he tries to help her see it. She refuses, and when she sees Hendrix, she learns some more devastating news. It’s all becoming too much for Susan. How will she react?

Scenes air from Monday 23rd March at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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