Sex robot with incredible ‘lifelike’ quality AI dazzles human customers

A sex robot with AI so convincing it has been praised for its 'lifelike' quality has dazzled human customers on social media.

The US-based firm RealDoll posted a picture of the doll called Stephanie on Instagram.

It wrote: "How early is too early to kick our feet up and call it quits on a Monday? Stephanie here is just asking for a friend…. #realdoll."

The doll has blonde hair and is pictured wearing a skimpy red dress with her feet up.

The post was met with positive comments from fans and potential customers.

One called her: "Gorgeous." While another declared that they were "loving the lifelike quality" of the companion.

RealDoll markets itself as the world's finest luxury love doll company.

It was launched almost 25 years ago and carries the tagline "making your dream come alive since 1997".

The company is based in San Marcos near San Diego, California.

It comes after an expert claimed the new wave of AI sex robots will be "hard to distinguish from living, breathing, orgasming humans".

Professor Rob Brooks, of the University of New South Wales in Australia, said the "digital lovers" will be among three types of "artificial intimacy" provided by machines this century.

The academic wrote in the Conversation: "At first mention of artificial intimacy, many people’s minds may jump straight to sex robots: lifelike robotic sex dolls that could one day walk among us, hard to distinguish from living, breathing, orgasming humans.

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"But despite the many important questions sex robots raise, they mostly distract from the main game.

"They are 'digital lovers' which — alongside VR porn, AI-enhanced sex toys and cybersex enhanced with haptic and teledildonic devices — constitute just one of three types of artificial intimacy."

Meanwhile, RealDoll recently gave people a glimpse into the "quality control" process at its Westworld-style factory.

The firm recently uploaded a photo of one of its “quality control” employees at work on its Instagram page.

In the snap, he is seen inspecting a line of dolls hanging from chains, with body parts scattered around.

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