Prince William, Anne and Queen ‘helping mend monarchy after recent royal traumas’ – expert

Prince William visits care home in Edinburgh

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Prince William, 38, Princess Anne, 70, and Queen Elizabeth II, 95, have been all smiles as they carried out engagements in recent days. While William has made cheeky quips while meeting people in Scotland, Anne had a jokey exchange with a pair of royal fans at the weekend and the Queen wore a dazzling grin during a naval engagement on Saturday.

On Monday, Kensington Palace shared a high-production montage clip of William in Scotland in which the Duke jokes with an ice cream van man and is teased for “flirting” with a pensioner. The Kensington Palace tweet with the video read: “Communities associated with the Church of Scotland have done an incredible job to continue to support one another during the pandemic — it was great to see some of them at work today, especially Betty,”, and was followed by a winky face emoji. Body language expert and author Judi James analysed the light-hearted video for told and shared her insights.

The expert said: “This casual-looking video has been quite professionally shot, with angles inside and outside the ice cream van and ‘moments’ with the residents of a care home in Scotland, suggesting that, after all the pain, grief and anger of the past few weeks, William has made a conscious decision to drop his guard a little and make creating and showcasing some cheeky fun the new squad goal for the Cambridges.”

She added: “The chocolate flake joke, in particular, looks very much like a conscious decision to show William’s more relaxed, comedy side.”

William, the Queen and Princess Anne have all banded together amid the royal turmoil sparked by Prince Harry’s latest attack on the Firm in his news Apple TV + series with Oprah Winfrey, Judi claimed.

In the five-part show, Harry speaks about feeling unsupported by his royal relatives when he and his wife Meghan Markle were struggling with their mental health.

However, senior royals have put on a brave face and even exchanged “banter” with fans and members of the public in recent days.

Judi added: “Like the Queen, William seems to intrinsically understand that, with the pandemic causing ongoing disruption and distress to all our lives, one core role of the monarchy is to appear looking strong and resilient and to go about cheering up people like 96-year-old Betty here by making her day with a bit of flirting.”

At the weekend Princess Anne had a jokey exchange with two royal fans after they spotted her royal helicopter in Yorkshire.

The Princess Royal reportedly joked at them to “get away” after they approached her.

Judi added: “Princess Anne is obviously on board with the concept too, exchanging the kind of banter her father was famous for with some fans yesterday.

“William has, of course, previously indulged in some fun moments on visits but usually only when his wife Kate is by his side encouraging him.”

These upbeat outings and exchanges are helping mend the monarchy in the wake of royal trauma, Judi claimed.

She added: “The fall-out of all the recent royal traumas could have pushed the top-tier royals back into the protection of their palaces again but thanks to these most recent outings from the Queen, her daughter and her eldest grandson, the message is that it has strengthened their bonds with the public, making them closer and accessible rather than more distant, and that it has possibly perhaps increased mutual trust rather than eroding it.”

Judi added:  “William has historically been averse to letting his guard down too much in public but he must also realise that fun clips like this work so well on his relatively new platform of social media, where people often tune in to be cheered up and to re-tweet short, funny videos.”

“It sits well with the longer and more sombre speeches and messages he has been forced to deliver recently as it reminds us of another side to the royals.

“Happily, William seems to be genuinely enjoying himself too now he is much less concerned about keeping up his guard. Crouching low like a small boy in front of Betty, he adopts a childlike cheeky grin as he ‘flirts back’ with her, even pulling a comedy ‘shocked’ expression as she reaches out to touch his face.

“You can see all the other residents and staff enjoying the moment too, creating what would have been called a ‘tonic’ for both residents of the care home and a huge global audience on social media.”

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