Porsche Drives Inaugural Virtual Festival: SCOPES

When you think of Porsche, you think of emotional performance, passion and great design. This pursuit of art and the finest innovation around is rooted in the DNA of the sports car pioneer. In this boundary-pushing, creativity-driven state of mind, SCOPES is a never ending journey that began with its first editions in Berlin, Amsterdam and Tokyo and now the event is coming to Southeast Asia for the first time, inviting a fully virtual large audience across the region.

SCOPES tapped the internationally-renowned design expertise of Theseus Chan for the branding of the virtual festival. A true pioneer in the Singapore design scene, the graphic artist/creative director is known for being boldly experimental and constantly seeking to redefine creative expression. In defining SCOPES’ visual direction and designing its rich, ever-changing logo, Theseus adopted an open, collaborative narrative to interpret the essence and vision of SCOPES: design, sustainability and the idea of a pioneering spirit. The artist deployed mixed prints and rich textures — assemblage, collage and mass-produced industrial objects — to encapsulate the multicultural influences and the mix of modern and traditional elements in Southeast Asia. This witty manipulation of materials breaks the walls of a squared, singular definition, opening up room for true self-expression, interpretation and a dichotomy between digital and analogue. 

Drawing in like-minded, conscious art lovers for a ride of creativity and innovation, SCOPES also invited four renowned women of the arts, Narelle Kheng, Ramengvrl, Jess Connelly, and Suboi, will share their journeys in which they’ve had to take an untraditional path to fight to pursue their dreams of being independent women in music while breaking out of cultural norms. Green is the New Black will serve as a highlight partner focusing on innovation and sustainability in food, fashion and urban communities. Wonderfruit, also joining as highlight partner, features a series of documentaries, where the creators of the festival show how sustainability and tradition are at the heart of everything they do and give a glimpse into how they want to shape the community in the years to come. Both will roll out a series of events over the next few weeks in the form of live workshops and talks, documentaries, podcast series and much more.

Theseus Chan virtual festival sports-car pioneer design, sustainability and the idea of a pioneering spirit mixed prints rich textures assemblage, collage and mass-produced industrial objects self-expression interpretation and a dichotomy Narelle Kheng, Ramengvrl, Jess Connelly, and Suboi panel Green Is The New Black and Wonderfruit southeast asia

In the spirit of Porsche – collaborative, innovative, dynamic, driven – SCOPES embodies it all and aims to bring even more creative minds together by offering a platform to present their visions. Creative talents are invited join the circle by submitting their stories to become part of the SCOPES story. It’s time for all of us to collectively engage and invest in shaping the future by asking ourselves, “what is your scope?”

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